Cycle To Work Schemes

At Westbrook Cycles we try to make it as easy as possible for you to be united with your perfect bike, so we try to offer as many payment options as we can. One of the most popular methods of buying a bike is through a cycle to work scheme. These schemes allow you to purchase a bike by spreading the cost, usually over 12 months, and can often offer a saving on the total cost of the bike. There is also a cycle to work day to help encourage as many people as possible to take the green way to work.

Many people opt for a hybrid or urban bike for their commute, but if your ride to work is a bit further than average or takes in some cross-country sections, you may find a road bike or mountain bike a better option. As of 2019, the £1000 cap was removed to allow commuters to purchase an e-bike through a cycle to work scheme as well, however not all providers offer this option. Please check with your cycle to work scheme provider to see if this applies to you.

It can be quite difficult to work out exactly what costs are involved, so there will more than likely be a cycle to work calculator available on your workplace's supported cycle to work scheme provider's website.

To help you to cycle to work, we currently support schemes from the biggest providers including Cyclescheme, Vivup - the NHS cycle to work scheme, The Green Commute Initiative, and more. For the full list of supported schemes, please see the bottom of this page.

So, how does the cycle to work scheme work? Your employer (or your business if you are self employed or a business owner) needs to register with a cycle to work scheme provider. Once they have registered, you need to work out the amount you require for your planned purchase and fill out the application on the provider's website. The scheme provider will issue you with a voucher which you then need to provide us with to pay for your bike. Our sales team will take care of the rest and get you up and running as soon as we can!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and if you want to know any more about cycle to work providers, the benefits of cycling to work or anything else, please get in touch or call us on 01642 710232.

Cycle To Work FAQs

Which Schemes Do You Deal With?

We accept cycle to work vouchers for Bike2Work, Cyclescheme, Vivup (Cycle to work scheme NHS), Cycle2Work by Halfords, Green Commute Initiative, Enjoy Benefits and Cycle Solutions.

Can I Use A Cycle To Work Voucher On A Sale Item?

Yes, you can use a cycle to work voucher on a sale item, however an additional charge will be required. We add this additional cost to cover what we are charged by the Cycle To Work schemes to operate. The charge we add is equal to what we are charged by the Cycle To Work schemes, we make no extra money out of this charge. On orders for full priced bikes, we absorb the cost of the Cycle To Work scheme. The additional charges for each of the Cycle To Work schemes that we support are:

  • My Benefits World - 3%
  • Green Commute Initiative - 5%
  • Bike2Work Scheme - 10%
  • Caboodle - 10%
  • Cycle Solutions - 10%

  • Enjoy Benefits - 10%
  • Halfords Cycle2Work - 15%
  • Vivup - 15%
  • GoGeta - No Charge

How Much Do I Save By Using A Cycle To Work Scheme?

Savings are typically between 25% and 42% but are dependent on a number of factors including annual income and the voucher value. Some cycle to work scheme websites provide a calculator to give a more accurate figure, but if you want more information you should contact your employer.

Can I Use Any Promotional Codes Or Deals In Conjunction With Cycle To Work Schemes?

No, unfortunately you can't take advantage of any of promotional offers, deals or codes that we have running in conjunction with Cycle To Work schemes.

Can I Only Use Cycle To Work To Purchase A Bike?

No, your cycle to work application can include accessories with the bike in your request.

Has The £1000 Cap Been Removed On Your Cycle Schemes?

Most cycle schemes have now removed the £1000 cap, but please check with your employer before you choose a bike.

Can I Add My Own Funds To 'Top Up' The Value Of My Voucher?

No, the Department for Transport guidance states that you can no longer use your own funds towards the cost of goods being hired under a consumer hire agreement.

For more in depth FAQs, visit our page here.