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Enduro Bearings

6902 LLB Sealed Bearing (ABEC 3)


Enduro Bearings

6902 LLU Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX)


Enduro Bearings

S6902 2RS Stainless Steel Bearing


Enduro Bearings

61902 LLB/LLU Bearing (ABEC 5)


Enduro Bearings

6902 LLU MAX BO Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX)


Enduro Bearings

6902 LLB Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX-E)


Enduro Bearings

6902 LLB Ceramic Hybrid Bearing


Enduro Bearings

F 6902 LLU MAX-EB Sealed Bearing (ABEC 3)


GT Bicycles

6902 RS Bearing



Pair Of 6902 Pivot Bearings For Habit 2016

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Enduro Bearings

F 6902 LLU MAX-EA Sealed Bearing (ABEC 3)


6902 bearings are amongst the most commonly found bearings on mountain bikes, right from trail bikes to enduro bikes and downhill bikes. Their most common usage is likely to be in wheel hubs, where standard bearings are perfect; we recommend Enduro Bearings at either their ABEC 3 standard or the higher grade ABEC 5 standard. For suspension pivot bearings, we recommend the use of Enduro's MAX bearings, as they have more balls that help to spread the load more efficiently. These MAX bearings are unsuitable for use in hubs as the extra balls create more drag, however in suspension pivots where the bearing does not complete a full revolution, these are ideal.

Sometimes these bearings have an extra suffix to describe the type of sealing the bearing has. In this case, they will be known as something like a 6902 2RS bearing, where the '2RS' portion refers to it having two seals, one either side. Another variant that you may come across for suspension pivots is a bearing with an extended inner race, which does away with the need to use a separate washer/spacer next to the bearing. For this application we recommend Enduro Bearings's 6902 LLU Max-E, which has the increased number of balls described above, the extended inner race and two Labyrinth seals.

6902 Bearing Dimensions

Inside Diameter: 15.00mm
Outside Diameter: 28.00mm
Width: 7.00mm