Introducing The GASGAS ECC

Introducing GASGAS, the renowned name in the world of off-road motorbikes, as they venture into the exciting realm of electric mountain biking with the launch of their groundbreaking ECC range. Leveraging their rich pedigree in crafting high-performance motorcycles, GASGAS is poised to revolutionize the eMTB market. Here, we'll delve into what makes GASGAS eBikes stand out and why their entry into E-Mountain bikes is generating a buzz among riders. Get ready to explore the perfect fusion of GASGAS's expertise and innovation in the world of EMTBs, where cutting-edge technology meets the thrill of the trail.

Proven On The Racetrack

The new ECC bike has been tested on the toughest trails, at the highest level of competition in the 2023 UCI E-Enduro World Cup. The GASGAS Motorex and GASGAS Sram racing teams rode the ECC to the line for eight top ten finishes, including two top five placings and two second places.

The GASGAS Motorex E-Enduro team, with its passion for electric bike racing, has been an active contender in the e-enduro circuit. Their commitment to showcasing the potential of the GASGAS eBike has been commendable. Even though their journey has been challenging, their presence in competitions underscores the versatility and advanced engineering of the GASGAS electric bike. The team's ambition and zeal reflect the growth trajectory of e-enduro racing as a sport.

Diving deep into the e-enduro circuit, the GASGAS SRAM Racing e-enduro team has been a force to reckon with. Their impressive track record and string of successes underline the unmatched capabilities of the GASGAS eBike in competitive environments. By embracing the sophisticated technology and agility of the GASGAS electric bike, this team has consistently secured podium finishes, setting them apart in the e-enduro community. Their dedication and spirit are a testament to the future potential of electric bike racing.

Crafted with authentic GASGAS flair. Protects the frame when riding without the plastic side guards.

Innovative Covers
Ultra-light protective plastics set. Provides enhanced safety as needed. Customize your ECC. Refresh your bike's appearance.

In True GASGAS Style
Vibrant & distinctive shades. Offered in three unique color/model variations.

Shields both the frame and motor from damage on the trail.

Starting From Scratch
From initial concept to the final design, the ECC is quintessential GASGAS.

Race Proven
Forged by the harshest race environments on the UCI E-MTB World Cup stage.

The SRAM eBike motor, known as the Eagle Powertrain Drive Unit, offers so much more than just power. This unit is meticulously designed to deliver a reimagined power tune, ensuring a smoother and more natural pedaling sensation. This unique feel is a product of SRAM's integrated system strategy, which combines world-class motor hardware with the Eagle Transmission. By analyzing and addressing the common power loss issues observed in other motors during intense riding, SRAM has elevated their game. They've incorporated heat-resistant materials, guaranteeing enhanced thermal performance and consistent power delivery over prolonged periods.

• Sram unique software tune• Up to 90Nm torque
• 680W peak power• Best in class derating (heat vs power loss)
• Natural ride feeling• Quiet
• 2 customizable support levels

With the innovative SRAM ebike motor technology, these models are a marvel in the e-biking community. This powerhouse battery not only promises an exhilarating ride but also an option to amplify your adventures with a 250 Wh Range Extender.

Key Highlights:

  • The advanced SRAM ebike motor and drivetrain technology pave the way for a significant reduction in energy consumption, ensuring your rides are efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Experience the perfect balance of weight and performance with the 600 Wh battery, a feature highly appreciated by our esteemed UCI MTB World Cup racers.
  • The choice of a 600 Wh battery is not arbitrary; it's a top pick among our UCI MTB World Cup racers for its impeccable performance and reliability.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed around key SRAM tech like Eagle Transmission and AXS wireless technology. Full AXS communication through a simplified control unit.
  • Advanced Gear Shifting: Coast Shift feature for gear shifting without pedaling. Independent chainring movement for intuitive gear changes during various cycling scenarios.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Clutter-free setup with wireless tech integration. Onboard extension of the AXS app through a brilliant, full-color, waterproof display.

The SRAM ebike motor is not just a motor; it's the epitome of intelligent e-biking, offering an intuitive riding experience like no other. With the SRAM Eagle Powertrain, you're not just riding; you're commanding the trails with superior motor and drivetrain capabilities.

The mountain biking landscape has welcomed a groundbreaking alliance with the entrance of WP onto the trails, in partnership with DVO. The GASGAS ebike, particularly the ECC models, have become the epitome of this collaboration. The GASGAS ECC enduro e-MTB is a testament to a blend of moto and MTB expertise, marrying WP's seasoned cone valve technology with DVO's reliable hardware. This synergy wasn't an overnight achievement; its inception traces back to 2016, evolving through rigorous testing and racing in the UCI E-Enduro World Cup with GASGAS MOTOREX Racing through 2023.

What is WP's cone valve technology? This innovative damping circuit design in the suspension functions akin to a blow-off valve during harsh impacts, without compromising on overall support. It's a system that enables riders to maintain a higher position in the stroke of the fork or shock, ensuring a smoother ride over smaller trail challenges, while also providing an adjustable feedback through the cone valve HSC damping.

Gone are the days of rider fatigue and hand numbness on long descents, thanks to the added damping generated by the cone valve damper. This technology not only mitigates the harshness from excessive bottoming out but also significantly reduces the washboard chatter of braking bumps. The result? A more controlled, comfortable, and confident ride feel on your GASGAS electric bike.


Fork: DVO Onyx D1CV OTT, Air, 170mm, Tapered

Shock: DVO JadeX CV Coil, 205x65mm

Brakes: Sram Code RSC, 4 piston hydraulic disc brake

Seatpost: RockShox Reverb AXS

Rear Derailleur: Sram XO Eagle 12 speed

Shifter: Sram AXS Pod Ultimate

Rims: Newmen Evolution SL


Fork: DVO Onyx D1CV SL, Air, 170mm, Tapered

Shock: DVO JadeX CV Coil, 205x65mm

Brakes: Sram G2 RS, 4 piston hydraulic disc brake

Seatpost: GASGAS Pro dropper post

Rear Derailleur: Sram GX Eagle 12 speed

Shifter: Sram AXS Pod Ultimate

Rims: Mach 1 Trucky


Fork: RockShox ZEB Select+ Debonair, Air, 170mm, Tapered

Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe Select+, Coil, 205x65mm

Brakes: Sram DB8, 4 piston hydraulic disc brake

Seatpost: GASGAS Pro dropper post

Rear Derailleur: Sram GX Eagle 12 speed

Shifter: Sram SX Eagle, Single Click

Rims: Mach 1 Trucky

The GASGAS ECC E-enduro bike is a testament to GASGAS's motorbiking heritage, merged seamlessly with modern eMTB technology. Designed with racing in mind, the ECC was developed to compete with elite E-enduro bikes on the UCI E-EDR circuit, showcasing the brand's dedication to high-performance biking​. Its integration of the latest SRAM Eagle Powertrain system and innovative WP suspension technology, coupled with a full-carbon frame, sets a new standard in the eMTB arena, delivering a ride feel unparalleled in the market.

GASGAS's expertise from the motorbike sector significantly elevates the ECC's design, mirroring a meticulous attention to detail observed in competitive motorbikes. The unique frame armor system, reminiscent of dirt bike plastics, and a metal skid plate safeguarding the SRAM Powertrain motor, exemplify GASGAS's moto-inspired innovation, offering robust defense against trail debris. This GASGAS ebike not only transitions the brand's motorbike prowess into the eMTB domain but also sets a promising trajectory for Enduro mountain biking, signaling an exciting phase for enthusiasts keen to push beyond conventional boundaries.