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Arion Rollers

Was  £219.99   | Save  £21.99   (10%)


Nero B+ FE-C Smart Rollers

Was  £799.99   | Save  £79.99   (10%)
Finance From £12.30/mo


Arion Mag Rollers

Finance From £7.33/mo


Quick Motion Rollers

Was  £419.99   | Save  £41.99   (10%)
Finance From £9.04/mo

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of Bike Rollers that are available to buy online. These Bike Rollers are the ideal option to train and exercise on your own bike, especially during the colder winter months, where it’s cold, dark and wet outside! Unlike training on an exercise bike, rollers allow you to ride your own bike - allowing you to become comfortable and enjoy the feel of using your own bike. This benefits you, when you head out on the roads either recreationally or during a competition.

Whilst turbo trainers are great for shorter workouts and building up fitness - cycle rollers provide a more immersive cycling experience - allowing you to improve balance coordination as well as pedalling efficiency. Using cycle rollers can be a little bit trickier compared to using a turbo trainer, as you are cycling on rollers VS having a wheel locked in place.

It’s a good starting point to set up near something you can hold onto, whether that’s a door handle or the arm of the sofa. Stand over the bike and get on the bike with a hand on the wall balancing. You can then sit on the saddle, start pedalling whilst holding onto something, and as the speed of the bike increases, it will become stable enough to ride. When you stop the bike and want to get off, free wheel until the bike comes to a halt whilst holding onto something, and carefully get off the bike.

Although one of the more basic options for indoor exercise, cycle rollers are becoming packed with more and more features, such as resistance and more compact designs. You can view the complete range above - and please get in touch if you have any questions about the best cycle rollers for your requirements.