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Enduro Bearings

6901 LLB Sealed Bearing (ABEC 3)


Enduro Bearings

6901 LLU Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX)


Enduro Bearings

6901 SRS Bearing (ABEC 5)


Enduro Bearings

6901 LLB Ceramic Hybrid Bearing


Enduro Bearings

6901 LLU MAX BO Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX)


Enduro Bearings

S6901 2RS Stainless Steel Bearing


Enduro Bearings

6901 VV Zero Ceramic Bearing


Enduro Bearings

S6901 2RS Bearings (Stainless MAX)


Enduro Bearings

6901 SM LLU Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX)


The 6901 bearing is one of the most common bearings used on mountain bikes and can be found in hubs and suspension pivots. For use in pivots, we recommend using Enduro's MAX range as they have 40% more balls than a standard equivalent, meaning they spread the load more efficiently than a normal bearing. For use in hubs, the standard versions of the 6901 bearing work best as they have less resistance than the MAX variants and are intended to go through multiple revolutions.

Often bearings will contain a suffix that can be confusing if you aren't sure what they mean, such as '2RS'. This refers to the seal type on the bearings and 2RS, LLU and LLB are commonly found on bearings used on bikes and are all suitable. A 6901-2RS bearing refers to it being a 6902 with two rubber seals.

6901 bearing dimensions:

Inside Diameter: 12.00mm
Outside Diameter: 24.00mm
Width: 6.00mm