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Grevil GRX815 Di2 Gravel Bike - Radiant Aura (2024)

Finance From £69.44/mo
Available Sizes


Grevil Campagnolo Ekar Gravel Bike - Champagne (2024)

Finance From £62.50/mo
Available Sizes

Experience the pinnacle of gravel biking with the Pinarello Grevil and Pinarello Grevil F series. These top-tier gravel bikes are engineered for enthusiasts who demand nothing short of the best in their off-road adventures.

The Pinarello Grevil is lauded as Pinarello's first true foray into gravel bike territory. Unlike its predecessors, the Grevil series breaks away from the constraints of hardpack racing, offering significantly more tire volume with up to 42mm on a 700c wheel and 53mm on a 650b wheel, allowing for greater versatility on a wide array of terrains.

On the other hand, the Pinarello Grevil F, especially the 2023 model, preserves the iconic frame design that riders have come to love, with total integration, a new bend in the top tube, and a revised, yet still asymmetrical rear end. The 2023 Pinarello Grevil F not only retains the futuristic appeal but continues to excite with its gravel biking performance.

The 2023 Pinarello Grevil F EKAR model, comes with a robust carbon frame, accommodating 700C tires and featuring a 1×13 gear system. This model is particularly lauded for its adaptability to various wheel or tire combinations, giving riders the liberty to explore the boundless gravel trails with confidence. The Grevil F’s high-end components and stellar ratings of 4.9/5 affirm its worth.

Further extending the Grevil F's allure is its construction with ultra high-end components and hydraulic disc brakes. The carbon frame not only lends to the bike's lightweight nature but also assures riders of a durable companion capable of facing the rough and tumble of gravel trails.

Immerse in the unparalleled blend of speed, agility, and robustness with the Pinarello Grevil and Pinarello Grevil F gravel bikes. Whether it's the high-end specifications of the Grevil F or the versatile tire volume of the Grevil, these carbon gravel bikes are your ticket to unbounded exploration.