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Paul-E EQ Edition Electric Folding Bike (2022)

Was  £2699.00   | Save  £404.00   (15%)
Finance From £39.20/mo
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Paul-E EQ Expert Electric Folding Bike (2024)

Finance From £42.35/mo
Available Sizes

Folding Electric Bikes are a common sight in most British cities, where they are used as an excellent commuter tool. These folding bikes combine the power and ease of an electric bike, with the convienence and security of a folding bike - meaning you do not have to leave this bike chained up outside on the daily commute, you can take it easily into your workplace/office.

These bikes are the ideal choice for when you want to head to the train station, cycle to a nearby meeting or simply stick in the boot of a car for a weekend away.

All of these electric bikes are capable of folding down from a full sized bike, into a collapsed bike which can easily be carried. Folding bikes are not a new invention and have been around for some years, but the fact that this collection of bikes have assistance from an electric motor brings them right up to date. Some folding mechanisms work differently to others, and the above bikes have all been handpicked on account of their clever folding designs, excellent battery life and ease of riding. These bikes have also been hand picked because of their low weight - making them easy to use and carry, unlike many other alternatives, which are incredibly heavy.

You can view the complete range above, and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the range.