Christmas Stocking Fillers For Cyclists

Finding a smaller gift that isn’t tacky, or that isn’t just going to end up being thrown into the back of the wardrobe can be a tough ask, especially when it comes to cycling gifts. However, it is possible to find a more modest gift which would be warmly received, from essential bike maintenance kits to performance wear, to see out the winter months.

So whether you’re looking for Secret Santa ideas, or cycling stocking stuffers, we’ve listed a few of our personal picks below to help make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier, just don’t forget that no Christmas stocking can truly be called complete without a bag of chocolate coins!

Christmas slippers ideal for a cycling addict

The Assos Signature Lounge Pantoffel Slippers offer a luxurious, ultra-soft experience for those rare moments when you're not on your bike. These plush slippers are perfect for relaxing before or after a ride, or even while enjoying a televised race from the comfort of your sofa. Designed to provide total comfort off the bike, they're an excellent choice for cyclists who want to pamper their feet after a long, straining ride. This holiday season, consider these cycling slippers as an ideal Christmas gift for the cycling enthusiast in your life, for a luxurious and thoughtful present.

Stock up on bike maintenance essentials with Muc-Off's care kit

Any regular cyclist will tell you that you can never have enough when it comes to stocking up on quality bike cleaning & maintenance products. Most rides during a typical British winter demand that a bike gets a good scrubbing down and a little TLC after stepping away from the saddle, so Muc-Off’s Clean, Protect & Lube Kit is a genuinely foolproof cycling present and one of the most popular stocking stuffers, featuring:

  • Nano Tech Bike Cleaner
  • MO-94
  • Biodegradable Wet Lube

Maintain peak performance all day with Veloforte energy bars

Making the most of your time in the saddle is as much about nutrition, as it is about the bike and apparel. There are few things worse than tackling a gruelling climb into a headwind on an empty stomach, so taking precautions to make sure you'll always have gas in the tank is vital.

Energy bars are the most convenient way to refuel, allowing you to take on board essential carbohydrates to keep your energy levels topped up as you ride. Veloforte Energy Bars are the perfect accompaniment to a long day in the saddle, acting as a practical meal replacement which you can use to refuel on the go, allowing you to recover until you reach your destination for a well-deserved pub-lunch.

Veloforte energy bars include the following delicious flavours, packed with the nutrients needed to ensure you can power through the final miles of your route:

  • Pronto - An invigorating mix of juicy figs, crunchy pistachios & Matcha tea
  • Avanti - Satisfyingly salted. Packed full of juicy dates, crunchy pecans, almonds & sea salt
  • Forza - Juicy apricots, crunchy almonds, aromatic fennel

Finally, for the cyclist who has everything...

For those who love pizza (and who doesn’t?) and cycling, Park Tool have powered ahead in the novelty utensils race by producing what has been called, the world’s finest bicycle-themed pizza cutter. The Park Tool PZT2 pizza tool is ideal as a fun gift which is certain to see use over the many delicious years, featuring a stainless steel cutting wheel and strong ergonomic handle.

And whilst the merriment of the festive season is the perfect excuse to crack open a few bottles, why not do so in style with a Park Tool bottle opener, which showcases the famous blue vinyl brand coating and is compatible with all of your favourite brands of beer.