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Enduro Bearings

6802 LLU Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX)


Enduro Bearings

6802 LLB Sealed Bearing (ABEC 3)


Enduro Bearings

6802 LLU MAX BO Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX)


Enduro Bearings

61802 LLU/LLB Bearing (ABEC 5)


Enduro Bearings

S6802 2RS Stainless Steel Bearing



Pair Of 6802 Pivot Bearings For Habit 2016/Scalpel Si 2017

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Enduro Bearings

6802 LLB Ceramic Hybrid Bearing


Enduro Bearings

6802 VV Zero Ceramic Bearing


GT Bicycles

6802 RS Bearing


6802 bearings are usually found in hubs on mountain bikes that use a thru-axle, rather than the older style of QR skewer. They are a sealed cartridge bearing, often known as a 6802 2RS bearing, where the "2RS" portion of the name refers to there being two rubber seals, one either side. These seals make them perfect of usage on a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike as they keep dirt, sand and grime out of the bearing and helps to prolong the bearing's life. On occasion, these bearings are used in pivots of full sus MTBs, where we'd recommend the usage of Enduro's 6802 MAX bearing. This is because the MAX range of bearings are designed to only turn a small amount rather than repeated revolutions, and the extra balls help to spread the load more effectively to deal with impacts better.

6802 bearing dimensions:

Inside Diameter: 15.00mm
Outside Diameter: 24.00mm
Width: 5.00mm