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Kinesis UK

G2 Gravel Bike - Khaki Green

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Kinesis UK

R2 Road Bike

Finance From £23.33/mo
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Kinesis bikes are designed in the UK to deal with UK weather and roads, so they're built to be tough and reliable. However, this doesn't mean that they're heavy or lacking in performance, their experience in building bikes has allowed them to produce no compromise bikes that excel in tough conditions. At Westbrook Cycles, we are impressed by the versatility of these bikes, with features such as wide tyre clearance in the frame and mudguard mounting points making Kinesis bikes perfect winter bikes for those not wanting to 'slum it ' while their carbon fibre race machine is tucked up in the dry garage. That said, these aren't bikes that should only be brought out when it gets grim, they are fantastic bikes in their own right and will suit avid road bike riders to commuter cyclists alike.