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Multi Drive 1000 Loaded Front Light

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Lite Drive 1000XL LED Light

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At Westbrook Cycles, we supply a complete range of Off Road Bike Lights and light sets for mountain bikes. These off road lights have been designed to fully illuminate off road conditions during the hours of darkness - and these lights allow you to experience a completely new dimension of mountain biking. Trails which feel familiar and a bit ‘samey’ during daylight hours, becoming completely new when you reveal them from the darkness.

As you can imagine, there are safer things in the world to do than ride a mountain bike, across difficult terrain - at night! So it’s essential that mountain bike lights provide great levels of illumination, and are tough enough to cope with the demands of off road performance. Excellent light levels are needed to illuminate the path ahead, allowing you to see every root, rock and rabbit hole which may lie in front of you.

We recommend a bar mounted MTB light at the front of the bike, with a minimum light output of 1000 lumens. These specific off road lights have a light pattern which is designed to have a wide beam - giving you good visibility over the complete terrain. These lights have different power modes, so you can max out the power when you are travelling across and save on juice when travelling across less demanding terrain. Battery life is not too much of a concern for most people however, with battery technologies improving massively in recent years, allowing for some incredible run times.

Above, you can find our complete range of off road bike lights - and if you have any questions about the collection - get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.