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XG-1251 D1 12-Speed Cassette - 10-44t

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XG-1271 D1 12-Speed Cassette - 10-44t

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PG1130 11-Speed Cassette

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PG-1130 11-Speed Cassette - 11-42T

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XPLR PG-1231 12 Speed Cassette - 11-44

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It’s fair to say that gravel bikes are a halfway house between a mountain bike and a road bike - meaning that most gravel bikes can be found with either a mountain bike cassette or a road bike cassette. The increase in popularity of gravel bikes however, has seen an increase in gravel specific groupsets, and the design and manufacture of gravel bike specific cassettes. Some of the most popular models are the SRAM etap AXS XPLR. Shimano also cater for the gravel market with GRX Range.

The gearing of a gravel bike varies on rider preferences, but racers will choose either a 10-33 or 10-36 cassette for short and high intensity blasts, whilst a cassette running 10-44 is the best choice for a gravel bike which does it all.

Here, you can view our complete range of gravel cassettes, and as always - please get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.