Bike Lock Buying Guide

Bike locks, aside from the usual safety equipment such as a helmet - is one of the most important things that you can buy to protect your bike. These locks are important for all bike owners, but especially those who commute using their bike for commuting to work, or as their only source of transport. The importance of bike locks are even greater when the bike is a source of income, as it is for many delivery drivers for restaurants in towns and cities across the UK. 

In this guide, we look at what bike locks are best for your exact requirements, as well as looking at steps you can take to keep your bike safe from bike thieves - which in the UK, steal a bike every six minutes. 

Bike Lock Types

D Lock

The D-Lock is one of the best and most popular locks to use on your bike. These locks are often also known as U-Locks. These are amongst the toughest locks on the market, and the locking mechanism itself provides plenty of protection from tools which may be used to steal your bike. The shape of the lock also prevents any would be thieves from leveraging the lock and breaking it that way. 

Chain Lock

Chain Locks are incredibly versatile, and can be used to lock your bike frame and your bikes wheel to something secure. These chain locks can also be used with ground anchors, if you have one in your home or workplace. 

Cable Lock

Cable Locks are one of the easiest and lightweight bike locks that is available, allowing you to carry them on your person. These cables are also really easy to use, allowing you to very quickly secure your bike. One of the drawbacks of these cables however, is the fact that they can be relatively easily broken - although offer the ideal deterrent to opportunistic thieves. 

Combo Cable Lock

These are cable locks with a combination lock instead of a key lock - these are ideal for cyclists who are likely to lose keys. 

Ground Anchor

Used in conjunction with a chain, a ground anchor is the best way of securing your bike at home. These anchors are used to chain your bike to a solid point on a wall or the floor at home, in garages, sheds and in yards. They offer the best protection for your bike when used with a chain.

Bike Lock Tips 

If you are on this page, you are interested in the security of your bike - below, we run through some tips and things we have learnt about bike security, both at home and when out and about. 

Bike Locks have Limitations

Although bike locks are effective in keeping your bike safe, remember that they do have limitations and it’s important to remember that the best way to keep your bike safe is storing it in secure premises such as sheds, garages or inside your home. 

Double Lock

Using multiple locks allow you to properly secure your bike, including it’s quick release components such as wheels. A cable lock can be used to lock your wheels to the bike frame, easily. Take anything which you can not secure, such as lights, saddles and luggage with you to prevent theft. 

Safety in Numbers

Wherever there’s lots of bikes locked up, there’s usually CCTV. Parking your bike, locked next to many others bikes will also mean that other bikes are likely an easier target for thieves.