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Bomber Z1 Fork Coil Spring Kit



Bomber Z1 Coil Conversion Kit


Marzocchi is an Italian manufacturer of high-performance motorcycle and bicycle suspension systems. Founded in 1949, the company has a long history of producing quality suspension components for both on-road and off-road vehicles. In recent years, Marzocchi has become synonymous with their line of mountain bike forks, which have gained a loyal following among professional and amateur riders alike.
Marzocchi was founded by Stefano and Guglielmo Marzocchi in Bologna, Italy. Initially, the company focused on producing hydraulic suspension components for motorcycles, but they soon expanded into bicycle suspension as well. Throughout the 1960s and 70s, Marzocchi gained international recognition for the quality and performance of their suspension systems, becoming a top choice for professional motocross and trials riders.
Marzocchi forks are designed to provide superior control, handling, and comfort for mountain bike riders. The company offers both air and coil-spring options, with varying levels of adjustability to suit different riding styles and preferences. Marzocchi forks are known for their durable construction, smooth performance, and ability to handle even the most demanding terrain.

Marzocchi offers a range of different fork options for mountain bikers, including:

  • Bomber Z1: The Bomber Z1 is a classic Marzocchi fork, known for its plush and predictable performance. It features 36mm stanchions and a coil-spring design for a smooth ride.
  • Bomber 58: The Bomber 58 is designed for freeride and downhill riding, with 40mm stanchions and an air spring system that can be adjusted for different terrain and riding styles.
  • Bomber CR: The Bomber CR is a budget-friendly option, featuring a 35mm stanchion and air spring design that offers good  performance for cross-country and trail riding.
  • Bomber Z2: The Bomber Z2 is a versatile fork with 34mm stanchions and an air spring system that can be easily adjusted for different riding conditions.
  • Bomber DJ: The Bomber DJ is designed specifically for dirt jumpers and slopestyle riders, featuring a 26mm stanchion and air spring system that provides quick response and excellent control.

There are several key features that set Marzocchi forks apart from other brands:

  • Durable Construction: Marzocchi forks are known for their strong and durable construction, making them capable of handling rough terrain and demanding riding.
  • Smooth Performance: With features like low-friction seals and bushings, Marzocchi forks offer smooth and consistent performance on the trail.
  • External Adjustments: Most Marzocchi forks come with external adjustments, allowing riders to fine-tune their suspension for different riding styles and terrain.
  • Easy Maintenance: Marzocchi forks are designed with easy maintenance in mind, making it simple for riders to keep their fork running smoothly and performing at its best.