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Nytro Gravel E7 Disc Force AXS Electric Gravel Bike - Italian Wine (2024)

Finance From £109.72/mo
Available Sizes


Nytro E7 Disc Ultegra Di2 Electric Road Bike - Power Blue (2024)

Finance From £120.83/mo
Available Sizes


Nytro Gravel E5 Disc Rival AXS Electric Gravel Bike - Saturn Silver (2024)

Finance From £95.83/mo
Available Sizes


Nytro E5 Disc 105 Electric Road Bike - Brilliant Black (2024)

Finance From £104.17/mo
Available Sizes

Discover the unparalleled freedom of gravel riding with the Pinarello Nytro electric gravel bike, a marvel of modern cycling technology that brings the thrill of exploration right to your feet. The Pinarello Nytro series, known for its avant-garde approach to e-biking, showcases models like the Nytro E7 Gravel with SRAM FORCE AXS and the Nytro E5 Gravel with SRAM RIVAL AXS, each designed to provide a rich, exhilarating experience on the rough trails.

The Pinarello Nytro gravel e-bike is more than just a ride; it's a journey into the wild, powered by a robust alloy frame and a carbon fiber fork ensuring not just durability but a light, responsive ride. The heart of its electric assist is the innovative Fazua powertrain, paired with a SRAM Apex 1x11 speed drivetrain, bringing you the extra push when the trails get tough, without compromising on the natural bike feel.

What sets the Pinarello Nytro e-bike apart from the rest is its seamless blend of traditional cycling with modern e-bike technology. It carries forward the legacy of its e-road bike precursor, but with a crucial upgrade - increased tyre clearance for improved capability on mixed terrains. This means you can venture further into the unknown, with the assurance of a smooth, natural ride thanks to its discreet, lightweight Fazua motor and battery system.

The Nytro’s signature ONDA fork, a distinctive Pinarello technology, delivers precise turning abilities and stability, reducing both longitudinal and lateral shocks, making your ride on gravel as smooth as it is on tarmac. The asymmetric frame, a hallmark of Pinarello design, optimizes the balance of forces across the bike, ensuring a harmonious ride even on the most challenging trails. The Nytro's TQ-HPR50 Drive Unit, a result of TQ's extensive experience in electric motor development, paired with the Carbon T900 UD frame, strikes the right balance between reactivity, dampening capabilities, and lightness for competition, making the Pinarello Nytro not just an e-bike, but an extension of your adventurous spirit.

Whether you're an avid gravel grinder or a weekend warrior, the Pinarello Nytro electric gravel bike brings a new dimension to your outdoor adventures. Its unparalleled blend of ruggedness, innovative electric assist technology, and Pinarello’s legendary design ethos makes the Nytro the quintessential E road bike for those who seek to power up their way, off the beaten path.