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Shimano Compatible Cassette Removal Set

Was  £44.99   | Save  £4.00   (9%)


Chain Whip / Sprocket Remover

Was  £34.99   | Save  £3.00   (9%)


Classic Chain Whip

Was  £27.00   | Save  £2.00   (7%)


3D Printed Ti Cerakote Chain Whip

Finance From £7.64/mo

Wolf Tooth Components

Ultralight Chain Whip


We stock and supply a wide range of Chain Whips at Westbrook Cycles. These chain whips are designed to assist you in removing and installing sprockets and cassettes on a wide range of bikes. They are known under various names, including sprocket remover and sprocket holder.

They are used to hold the cogs on the rear wheel in place, as a lockring tool is then used to undo the cassette in the opposite direction. Several different chain whip models are available, including those from the best brands, including Wolf Tooth, Topeak, Lezyne and Silca. You can view the complete range of chain whips here. Please get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.