Cadex Wheels And Performance Products

Cadex is a brand that focuses on the pinnacle of performance, mainly for the road bike and gravel bike world. Cadex wheels are used by pro riders looking for the very best components chasing marginal gains. Time Trial bikes will benefit from the ultra-aero profile of a Cadex wheelset and the slick ceramic bearings in the integrated hubs. For gravel bikes, the AR carbon wheels are a perfect boost to performance, offering all of the stiffness of carbon road wheels and features like a hookless bead for tubleless tyres, along with a wider rim profile for gravel tyres.

The Cadex products are not intended to be for everyone. These products are for the people who want the very best performance out of every component on their bike such as a triathlete doing an Ironman. Anywhere that fractions of a second count, Cadex is the brand for you.

Cadex Road Wheels

36 Wheels

The Cadex 36 is a versatile wheelset with a 36mm depth and a 22.4mm internal width. Allowing a tyre width between 25c and 32c, these wheels are unrivalled for acceleration and climbing. Carbon aero spokes, ceramic bearings and a hookless rim design are among the other features of the Cadex 36 wheels. The Cadex 36 wheelset is available in a disc brake and a rim brake option.

42 Wheels

The Cadex 42mm depth option is perfectly adapted to undulating, hilly terrain. They offer a more aerodynamic profile than the Cadex 36 for descending, but retain a lot of the lightweight hill climbing qualities. The Cadex 42 disc uses a centrelock hub for the cleanest interface between brake and hub, and the Cadex 42 rim brake is paired with a specifically designed rim brake pad to optimise water displacement.

50 Ultra Wheels

The Cadex 50mm depth wheelset is equipped with R3-C aero hubs containing ceramic bearings to minimise rolling resistance. Every element of the Cadex 50 has been designed to be as aerodynamic as possible whilst the 22.4mm internal rim width still allows for a 32c tyre to be fitted. The Cadex 50 Ultra wheelset is only available for use with disc brakes.

65 Wheels

The final road wheel option is the Cadex 65, which is the most aero option in the road line-up. What is the Cadex 65 weight? The Cadex 65 disc is just 1501g a pair, with the rim brake option coming in at just 1425g. The Cadex 65 disc tubeless wheelset also has a hookless bead and is designed to be used with 12mm thru-axles.

Cadex Tyres

The perfect partner to the wheelsets, the Cadex tyres are not just generic rubber with a logo printed on the side. These tyres all feature cutting edge compounds and profiles to enhance the properties of the wheel they are seated on.

The Aero Tubeless tyre is designed to further enhance the aerodynamic properties of the deep section road wheels. Wind tunnel analysis was carried out to determine that a taller oval profile was more streamlined, while still maintaining the excellent interface that all Cadex tubeless tyres offer.

The road Classics Cadex tubeless tires are designed for all-road conditions and have a compound that provides excellent grip levels, a supple casing for ultimate ride feel and a Race Shield+ anti-puncture layer.

The Cadex tubeless system extends to the gravel bike world in the form of the AR and GX tubeless tyres. The AR is designed to provide maximum speed over firmer surfaces, whereas the GX will deal with loose gravel, sand and mud due to its tread pattern featuring small centerline knobs and larger outer knobs.

Boost Saddle

The saddle on your bike is more than just a contact point. The correct position can help improve your riding and having the support you require can increase your power output when pushing hard on the pedals. A saddle that does not provide you with enough support could be leading to losses on the road.

The Cadex Boost saddle is different from other road bike saddles as it eliminates flex in the base to ensure the best possible power transfer. A high-pressure moulded carbon fibre base with integrated saddle rails is mated to a sleek upper containing ETPU particle padding for comfort; the result of which is a saddle you can sit in for hours while always delivering your best performance.

The Cadex saddle has been developed with biomechanics experts as well as pro athletes to come up with a shape that further enhances performance. A truncated nose ensures the Cadex Boost eliminates as much pedalling friction as possible.

Triathlon Bike

Without being bound by the UCI rules for time trial bikes, a triathlon bike's potential is limitless. Being a performance focused brand, a Cadex bike was arguably an inevitability, and what better direction to go in than a triathlon bike? Triathlon bikes represent the pinnacle of performance, forming a hugely important part of one of the world's most demanding sports. Every element of the event needs to be considered, making sure that the rider has all of the fuel they need without sacrificing any efficiency and speed at all. A tri bike has a unique set of challenges that aren't present in a road race bike, which often results in some quite extreme designs, and the Cadex tri bike is no different.

Wide Forks

The front end of tri bikes is the first thing in contact with the air and so needs to be designed to cut through with ease. The wide fork legs on the Cadex tri bike allow the air to flow around the legs of the rider, creating the most aerodynamic profile.

Hydration System

A hydration system is built into the front of the triathlon bike frame allowing the rider to take on fluids when needed without moving from the aero position. Maintaining this position for as long as possible translates directly to an increase in performance.

Bento Box

An integrated bento box is built into the frame to allow storage of up to ten 32ml gels to enable refuelling with minimal disruption to the aero position. The bento box can be easily removed from the frame if necessary.

Seat Tube Angle

The best triathlon bikes cater for a large amount of adjustability to allow the rider to get into an aerodynamic position. The cadex tri bike offers 70mm of fore/aft saddle adjustment, providing an effective seat angle between 76° and 80°.

Personalised Fit

The Cadex tri frameset comes in five sizes ranging from XXS to L to ensure the perfect synergy between bike and rider. Easily customisable handlebar configurations make the ultimate fit acheivable.

Integrated Toolbox

An integrated toolbox above the bottom bracket on the non-drive side of the frame means mid-race mechanical disasters needn't be the end of your race. A multi-tool, CO2 inflator and tyre lever are included.

Travelling With A Tri Bike

This bike is the ultimate Ironman triathlon bike. This is not just a claim, but has been backed up by Kristian Blummenfelt who broke the Ironman 70.3 world record, and won the Ironman World Championships and the Olympics all within a year.

Further to those prestigious victories, Kristian also completed an Ironman distance triathlon in 6:44:25. For anyone looking for a serious bike for a triathlon, this is it.

As this bike is intended to take on the world's toughest competitions, it stands to reason that it needs to be able to travel. Tri bike transport is usually difficult, with many tri bikes having cable routing that makes it very difficult to easily disassemble the cockpit. The Cadex tri bike has been designed with travel in mind, so the base bar and extensions easily fold down without having to deconstruct the cockpit. Further to this, a Topeak travel case is included with the bike, with custom, frameset-specific padding to ensure your bike arrives safely at its destination.

A mounting system keeps the bike in place whilst in the case, but it also doubles up as a workstand making working on the bike much easier.