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Argon 18

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Argon 18

E-119 Tri+ Disc Force AXS Triathlon Bike - Dig Me Beach Reflects (2024)

Finance From £111.11/mo
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The Argon 18 E119 triathlon bike range features a carbon frame that is lightweight and aerodynamic, and is also equipped with nutrition storage to keep you fuelled up on the move. Another essential feature of the Argon 18 E119 is the level of adjustability that the bike provides, enabling you to get into the optimal aero position.

The E-119 Tri+ Disc is equipped with high-end components, including wireless electronic shifting which helps to keep the bike clutter-free and maintain its aerodynamic profile. A hidden toolkit is there for when you need it, discretely mounted within the frame so it doesn't disrupt airflow.

The latest iteration of the Argon 18 tri bike offers up to a 10-watt advantage over previous models, thanks to integrated brake calipers and optimised tube shapes.

For Triathletes looking for those all-important ways of saving watts and shving seconds, the Argon 18 E-119 Tri Plus could really make a difference in your next race.