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Aspero Apex 1 Gravel Bike - Putty (2023)

Was  £3000.00   | Save  £900.00   (30%)
Finance From £35.87/mo
Available Sizes


Aspero-5 Force XPLR eTap AXS 1 Gravel Bike - Five Black (2023)

Was  £8000.00   | Save  £2000.00   (25%)
Finance From £102.49/mo
Available Sizes

The Cervelo Aspero and Aspero-5 are high-end gravel bikes designed to tackle a variety of terrains, providing a blend of smooth, comfortable rides and robust performance. Both models have been engineered for riders who demand excellence, but they cater to slightly different preferences in terms of speed, comfort, and price.

The Cervelo Aspero sports a carbon frame constructed from carbon fiber, and the Aspero-5 boasts a higher modulus carbon fiber frame, making it lighter and stiffer. This translates to better acceleration and a more responsive ride on the Aspero-5.

Geometry-wise, the Aspero follows a more traditional gravel bike design with a longer wheelbase and a more relaxed head tube angle. In contrast, the Aspero-5 adopts a more aggressive geometry, with a shorter wheelbase and a steeper head tube angle, making it more responsive and nimble on technical terrains.

The longer wheelbase and more relaxed geometry of the Aspero make for a more comfortable and stable ride, especially over rough terrains and on longer rides. The Aspero-5, with its aggressive geometry, offers a more responsive and nimble ride quality, which might appeal to riders who enjoy tackling technical terrains.

Cervelo's transition into the gravel bike sector began with the Aspero, and the Aspero-5 takes the brand's thirst for speed a step further, embodying the company's reputation for producing uncompromisingly rapid bikes.

In essence, the choice between the Cervelo Aspero and Aspero-5 boils down to individual rider preferences regarding comfort, speed, price, and the type of terrain they aim to conquer. Each bike has its unique set of features tailored to meet specific riding needs and ensure a premium gravel biking experience.