Introducing Whyte's Lightest Ever E-Bike: The E-Lyte 140 Works

Embracing the thrill of the trail, Whyte has consistently innovated in the world of E mountain bikes. Their latest offering, the Whyte E-Lyte 140 Works, is a testament to this dedication. As an eMTB, it balances the agility and power needed for challenging terrains. This particular model is an exciting addition to the Whyte E MTB range, setting a new benchmark in electric mountain biking with its advanced features and design. It promises to elevate the riding experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Whyte E-Lyte 140 Works e-bike offers a unique riding experience that embodies the essence of both an XC and light trail bike. It features a lightweight design, weighing just 16.4kg for a medium-sized frame, which contributes to its agile and responsive ride quality. This eMTB is equipped with a Bosch Performance Line SX motor, delivering 55Nm of torque and 600W peak power, providing ample power for various terrains while maintaining a higher than normal cadence for optimal performance.

The bike's frame is crafted from carbon fibre, ensuring strength and durability while keeping the weight low. The attention to detail in the design is evident, with features like a sealed charging port for enhanced weatherproofing. Additionally, the E-Lyte 140 Works model includes a 250Wh range extender, improving its overall battery capacity and range.

Overall, the Whyte E-Lyte 140 Works eMTB provides a balanced combination of lightweight design, powerful performance, and durable construction, making it an excellent choice for riders seeking an e-mountain bike that excels in both cross-country and trail riding scenarios


The heart of the bike is the Bosch Performance Line SX motor, which provides a balance of lightweight and power, delivering 55Nm of torque and 600W of peak power. This motor is complemented by a Bosch 400Wh battery, along with an optional 250Wh range extender, offering extended range and versatility for longer rides.

Suspension is a key component of the E-Lyte 140 Works, featuring a Fox Float 34 Factory 140mm travel fork at the front and a Fox Float Factory shock at the rear. This suspension setup ensures smooth handling over rough terrain and contributes to the bike's agility and responsiveness on trails.

For gearing, the bike employs SRAM's top-tier XX SL T-Type AXS 1x12 electronic drivetrain, known for its flawless wireless shifting and high reliability. The braking system includes SRAM Level Ultimate Stealth four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors, providing rich, controllable stopping power essential for challenging trail conditions.

Bosch Performance Line SX Motor

The Bosch Performance Line SX motor system is a notable advancement in the realm of e MTB technology, offering a blend of power and lightweight design ideal for E mountain bikes. This motor system stands out for its impressive peak output of up to 600 watts and 55 Nm of torque. However, it's important to note that this peak power is not delivered continuously; the motor dynamically regulates its power output based on the rider's effort, providing a more natural and responsive riding experience.

One of the key features of the Performance Line SX is its four riding modes, each offering different levels of support. This includes a unique progressive support mode called Sprint for sporty riding, where the motor's assistance increases with the pedaling cadence. For e-mountain bikes, this mode is replaced by another progressive mode named EMTB, offering up to 340% support. This aspect emphasizes the motor's suitability for dynamic riding situations, ensuring a balance between a natural ride feeling, decent range, and power delivery.

The motor system also pairs with a new CompactTube 400 battery, which has a 400 Wh capacity and weighs around 2 kg, bringing the total weight of the drive system to just 4 kg. For longer rides, there's an option to add a 250 Wh PowerMore range extender, which mounts to the bottle cage and increases the total battery capacity to 650 Wh.

The integration with the Bosch eBike Flow app is another significant feature, allowing riders to customize the characteristics of the individual modes, including their dynamic behavior, maximum torque, and the strength of the support. The app also provides training-specific data, like calories burned, and includes a navigation function that considers altitude gain and battery range.


Whyte E-Lyte 140 Works Spec

Frame: Uni-directional carbon mainframe and seatstays, Internal cable routing, Link V2

Fork: Fox Float 34 Factory, 140mm Travel, 44mm Offset, Grip 2 Damper

Rear Shock: Fox Float Factory, Evol LV, Adjustable Rebound and 3 Position Compression

Wheels: DT Swiss XMC 180 hubs with XRC 1501 Spline rims

Shifter: SRAM AXS Pod

Rear Mech: SRAM XX SL T-Type AXS

Cassette: SRAM XS 1297 T-Type, 10-52

Chain: SRAM XX T-Type, 12 Speed

Chainset: SRAM XX Isis Carbon, 165mm arms, XX Gen4 Direct Mount 32T, T-Type Light EMTB

Seatpost: KS Lev Ci, 30.9mm - 175mm drop, with Southpaw remote

Handlebar: Race Face NEXT R Carbon, 20mm Rise, 35mm Bar Bore, 800mm Wide

Brakes: SRAM Level Ultimate Stealth, 4 Piston