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Replacement 4.5 Inch Protective Cover


Understandably, not everyone wants to have to fit a towbar to their car to put a bike rack on once a week, and so the Seasucker bike rack is ideal in this situation. Easily fitted and removed leaving no trace of ever having been there, this clever idea means you no longer need to have a towbar or roof bars in order to transport your road bikes or mountain bikes around safely. The Seasucker bike rack range securely fits to any car using vacuum cups that each have 210lbs of pull strength and can be completely removed in seconds when not in use. Racks that can mount up to three bikes are available, giving you every bit of functionality of a towbar mounted bike rack. Owners of sports cars may want to check out the Komodo which is the ultimate Seasucker bike rack and is named due to its resemblance to the lizard. This rack will hold a single bike incredibly securely and removes as a single piece which fold up to store.