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Chamois Cream - 200ml

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Chamois Cream 250ml

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Athlete Performance Ladies Chamois Cream 100ml

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Athlete Performance Chamois Cream 100ml

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Chamois Cream is a product which always sells out here at Westbrook Cycles - with cyclists using Chamois cream to alleviate many of the symptoms of spending long days in the saddle.

Some of these symptoms include tiredness and sensitivity - but if you add sweat or rain into the mix, there can be a huge amount of friction and discomfort caused by your rear end rubbing on your saddle.

Although it’s an incredibly popular product, many customers are not aware of Chamois Cream - and if they are aware of it, they are not aware of how and where to use it. To start off with, Chamois Cream is an anti-bacterial cream that prevents chafing and rubbing between your skin and the pad in your shorts. Acting as a layer of lubrication, chamois cream also is anti-bacterial and moisturising, helping keep your skin in the best possible condition. As well as keeping each ride as comfortable as possible, chamois cream can also prevent nasty consequences of cycling - such as abscesses which require medical treatment.

Chamois Cream can be applied either directly onto your shorts, or onto your chamois directly - however many people prefer to apply it directly onto their skin - vs their cycling shorts. Chamois Cream is especially important for riders, embarking on long challenge rides with lots of time spent in the saddle. It’s also useful stuff for those using turbo trainers - wherever your rear end comes in contact with a saddle.

You can view our complete range of chamois creams here, and if you have any questions about the range - please get in touch and we will be happy to help.