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Enduro Bearings

6900 LLU Bearings (ABEC 3 MAX)


Enduro Bearings

6900 LLB Sealed Bearing (ABEC 3)


Enduro Bearings

6900 SRS Bearing (ABEC 5)


Enduro Bearings

6900 LLB Ceramic Hybrid Bearing


Enduro Bearings

6900 FO LLU MAX ABEC 3 Bearing


Enduro Bearings

6900 VV Zero Ceramic Bearing


The 6900 bearings are most often found inside mountain bike hubs, although they can also be used in pivots on full suspension mountain bike frames. If you plan on using a 6900 bearing in a suspension pivot, then we recommend Enduro Bearings's MAX range. These are designed to only turn a small amount rather than a full revolution, and they spread the load better than a standard design, making them perfect for absorbing impacts in suspension pivots. Sometimes pivot bearings can require an 'FO' 6900 bearing, which refers to the bearing having a Flanged Offset outer ring. When buying, please take care to select the correct one. If you are looking for hub bearings, then a more traditional style of bearing is better suited to this purpose as they are intended to go through multiple revolutions and have less resistance than a MAX bearing.

6900 bearing dimensions:

Inside Diameter: 10.00mm
Outside Diameter: 22.00mm
Width: 6.00mm