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Cane Creek

Progressive Valt Rear Shock Spring

Was  £99.99   | Save  £10.00   (10%)


Black Rear Shock Spring

Was  £46.95   | Save  £2.00   (4%)

Cane Creek

Valt Rear Shock Spring

Was  £79.99   | Save  £8.00   (10%)


SLS Metric Rear Shock Spring

Was  £159.95   | Save  £8.00   (5%)


Metric Coil Spring

Was  £40.00   | Save  £4.00   (10%)

Rear Shock Springs cover the metal springs which are used in the rear shock of a full suspension mountain bike. These are changed and upgraded as part of repair and upgrade work on a bike, allowing the rider to fine tune their suspension to their exact requirements. Changing from an OEM spring in your rear shock allows you to take into account, and set up the suspension for your exact weight, riding style and riding type.

The first consideration when choosing the right rear shock for your bike is the material of the coil spring. There are two choices here - steel and titanium, with titanium being more expensive. The performance of the two is very similar, it’s mainly the weight savings that sees some mountain bikers look to titanium.

The second consideration to think about is spring length, springs are numbered in such a way: 460 x2.25 the first number is the weight needed to compress the spring by a single inch, and the second is the travel length of the spring. Note, this is not the same as the total length of travel of the bike's suspension.

The third consideration is spring length - All coil shock springs are rated using a number system - this refers to the stiffness of the spring. Spring rate should be correct to suit body weight and riding style.

Above, you can find our complete range of rear shock springs for mountain bikes - and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.