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Synapse Neo Allroad 1 Electric Road Bike - Mantis (2024)

Finance From £83.33/mo
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The Cannondale electric road bike collection is amongst the most subtle and sleek available, with the SuperSix Evo Neo being almost completely undetectable as an e-road bike. The power for this range is provided by a Mahle hub-based motor with a 250Wh ebike battery providing in the region of 62 miles of assistance. As these bikes use a hub-based motor rather than a more traditional bottom bracket mounted motor, the integration is much more seamless, leading to it's clean aesthetic. Another model in Cannondale's e-road offerings is the Synapse Neo which uses a Bosch motor and a 500Wh battery providing somewhere in the region of a whopping 137 miles of assistance. So which one is the Cannondale E road bike for you? The SuperSix Evo Neo is a lightweight bike akin to the likes of a race bike, but with that little bit of assistance when you need it most, whereas the Synapse is much more geared towards long days in the saddle and particularly challenging routes that might warrant an extra boost for more of the time. It really is up to you which of these models best suits your style of riding or what you intend to ride on it, but no matter which Cannondale electric road bike you choose, you'll definitely have a smile on your face.