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Park Tool

CC-3 Chain Wear Indicator



Chain Drive 8-11 Speed Chain Tool



Chain Gauge



Chain Hook & Wear Indicator



Universal Chain Tool



Chain Wear Check Tool (For 0.8 Percent Wear Chains)

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Super Chain Tool


Park Tool

CC-2 Chain Checker


Park Tool

CT-5 Mini Chain Brute Chain Tool



Replacement Breaker Pin For Chain Drive 8-11 Speed



All Speeds Chain Tool

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A good quality chain tool is an essential part of any home mechanic's toolkit as there is no other way to split a chain. It is important to check if a chain can be rejoined using a chain tool, as some chains feature pins with a mushroom head that are only intended to be rejoined with a quick link. Quite often a bike chain tool can be found on a multi-tool as they can be the difference between the end of a ride and an early bath, or saving the day to ride on. A cheap, poor quality chain tool can bend easily, resulting in the tool breaking, or possibly even damage to the chain itself, so we'd always recommend a quality brand like a Park Tool chain tool. Other tools to consider alongside this are cassette tools and chain whips.