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Liv Brava Advanced Pro 2 Ladies Cyclocross Bike - Airglow (2023)

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R5-CX Force eTap AXS Cyclocross Bike - Frost (2023)

Finance From £118.06/mo
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At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of Cyclocross Bikes which can be ridden both on road and gentle off road. Although Cyclocross Bikes cannot be ridden to the same extent off road as mountain bikes can - you can ride a cyclocross bike across gentle off road conditions such as grass, pavements, canal paths, mud and sand.

The popularity of Cyclocross started across Northern Europe - and Cyclocross competitions and races usually take part in the autumn and winter months - around short circuits which are around 3km in length. Riding recreationally however, cyclocross bikes can be ridden all year round - and these bikes are incredibly versatile, suiting commuting and leisure riding in equal measures.

Although a Cyclocross Bike looks like a road bike at a first glance, there’s a number of differences in design and geometry - a cyclocross bike has different tyres, different gearing brakes and even pedals to provide a more rounded performance across many different terrains. The frame of a cyclocross bike has greater clearance which allows for bigger and chunkier tyres. These tyres and clearance allows tyres to keep rotating through mud, and the larger tyres are more suited to off road use. The geometry of the frame of a cyclocross bike is also less race focused compared to road bikes - this allows the rider to adopt a number of positions which means they can absorb off road impacts.

There are all of the usual frame materials available, with carbon fibre cyclocross bikes being popular choices with those looking for the lightest and quickest bike, aluminium and steel cyclocross bikes are also excellent choices for customers looking for a cheaper cyclocross bike, especially is these cyclocross bikes are being used as a second bike. The best cyclocross bikes that we supply are fitted with disc brakes, cyclocross bikes go through a difficult time on and off road, and in our opinion disc brakes are the option which provides the best performance across the full array of terrain encountered.

As well as being geared up for Cyclocross racing and competitions, these bikes make for the perfect winter bike, commuter bike and off road bike - they can handle most of what is thrown at them. You can view the full collection of Cyclocross Bikes here from manufacturers such as Scott, Giant and Cannondale - and if you have any questions about the collection, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.