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Gambler 910 Downhill Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2024)

Finance From £61.10/mo
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Gambler 900 Tuned Downhill Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2024)

Was  £8399.00   | Save  £839.00   (10%)
Finance From £129.14/mo
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Glory Advanced Full Suspension Downhill Mountain Bike - Shoreline (2024)

Was  £7499.00   | Save  £1124.00   (15%)
Finance From £108.89/mo
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Downhill Mountain Biking is one of the most extreme forms of mountain biking - it has some of the highest speeds, extreme terrain, and exciting obstacles, including jumps and drop-offs. Developed and perfected in the 1970s in the world’s most exciting MTB locations, such as California, the reach of downhill mountain biking is now worldwide, and here in the UK - it’s not uncommon to see patches of UK woodland being turned into downhill tracks, as well as noticing an increase in dedicated mountain bike parks - which provide plenty of downhill trails, graded in a similar way as ski slopes are.

The extreme nature of downhill mountain biking has witnessed an extreme response from mountain bike manufacturers - designing and developing a range of full suspension downhill mountain bikes, which use the most considerable suspension and highest graded components, mated to frames which have been designed for one thing only - downhill handling. These bikes are not designed to be good to use cross country or riding uphill - and although suspension on these bikes will lock out to assist - these are purist machines, so much so - that it’s often more suitable for many riders to purchase an Enduro Mountain Bike.

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply a range of Downhill Mountain Bikes - these bikes have been handpicked from the world’s leading bike brands, such as Scott, Giant and GT. The range covers most budgets, although downhill mountain bikes are some of the most expensive on the market, thanks to the stressful environment in which they are designed to operate.