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Adventure EQ Urban Bike - Candy Red (2023)

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The Cannondale Adventure urban bike range is a great, fun way to get about towns, cities and beyond! This hybrid step through bike comes in great colours, and focusses on providing a comfortable, playful ride, with a comfy saddle and suspension forks helping to smooth the way. An ergonomic, upright riding position with riser handlebars also help to improve the comfort, and to top it off, there's a suspension seatpost. Making the Cannondale Adventure city-proof are folding pedals and stem to allow it to fit on a train or into a tight storage space more easily, and the ability to take mudguards, dynamo lights, and a pannier rack, all of which come ready-equipped on the Adventure EQ model. All of these incredible features are fitted around a lightweight alloy frame, which makes it very easy to pedal around, and hydraulic disc brakes make it easy to stop again.