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Ransom 930 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2023)

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Ransom 920 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2023)

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Ransom 930 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2022) - Ex Display

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Ransom 910 Full Suspension Mountain Bike (2023)

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In 2019, the Ransom range of bikes from Scott makes a return to the line up - after almost ten years out. Returning to a widely different world of mountain biking, that it left over a decade ago - the Ransom range enters the fray as a full suspension mountain bike, with two different wheel sizes - 29 inch and 27.5 inch. The space the Ransom occupies within the Scott range is gap which the outgoing Genius LT has left, as a enduro race bike - which can be used by all riders. 

Balance is key with the Ransom range, and 170mm of suspension travel on both the front and rear, ensures that the range is equally comfortable cross country, downhill trails and uphill sections. This is an incredibly capable bike, performing in all areas. 

At the top of the Scott Ransom range sits the 900 and 700 tuned, which feature a full carbon frame. Not just any old carbon fibre is used either, HMX carbon fibre is used which is 20% stiffer then standard variants. The Ransom 910 features the same frame as the tuned bikes, although using a more budget friendly aluminium alloy swing arm. The bikes in the lower price range have an aluminium alloy frame. 

Suspension is another area in which the Ransom range excels. All of the Ransom range uses Scott’s Twinloc suspension system. The Nude Shock features two air chambers as well as a remote switch, which allows the rider to choose between three different suspension systems. The Descend suspension mode opens both chambers and gives the rider a massive 170mm of suspension travel. ‘Traction Control’ reduces the air within the shock by shutting off one of the chambers, this reduces suspension travel - providing a firmer feel. Traction control is the best choice for climbs and easier trails, where control and maneuverability can be maximised. Lastly, full lockout firms up the shock even more for the steepest of ascents. 

The front suspension largely matches the rear suspension in terms of travel, apart from on the Ransom 930 where a RockShox Yari is the fork of choice. Otherwise, all bikes use a Fox36 fork. Overall, the Scott Ransom range provides the perfect full suspension bike, coupled with a lightweight frame. The combination of full suspension and lightweight frame means that this bike can be used for a multitude of mountain biking disciplines, the easy on the fly way that suspension can be adjusted further adds to this bikes versatility. 

You can view our full range of Ransom bikes above, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection.