Scott At Westbrook Cycles

Scott has been one of the mainstay brands at Westbrook Cycles for a long time now and the reason is that not only are our staff constantly impressed by their range, but our customers are too. Scott bikes always show innovation and their performance focused road bikes and mountain bikes produce fantastic results on the world stage. People that have already ridden them know that a Scott bike is going to be quality and be durable, no matter what its intended use.

Although this page is going to focus mostly on the Scott bikes, right across the ranges and including e-bikes, it wouldn't be right to leave the huge range of clothing and accessories unmentioned. The Cadence Plus and Stego Plus helmets have been incredibly popular with the roadies and MTBers, and Scott knee pads also get great reviews from our more gravity focused customers. Scott's component brand, Syncros, is also found in amongst our best sellers, with headsets, mudguards, bike lights, handlebars and dropper posts being always sought after and highly recommended.

Scott Mountain Bikes

Scott mountain bikes have earned themselves a pedigree from endless podiums on the world cup stage in cross country, enduro and downhill racing. A Scott mountain bike will have gone through countless hours of R&D with top engineers and the world's best athletes working alongside each other to refine the design, to produce a lightweight mountain bike that handles better than everything else.

For those looking for XC bikes, Scott have two main options. The Scott Scale is a hardtail mountain bike which covers all price points from the Scott Scale 970 which offers riders who want to dip their toe into the world of XC mountain biking a capable but affordable platform, right up to the Scott Scale RC range which is intended to be competitive in the fastest of cross country races. No matter which version of the Scott Scale you consider, you will get a lightweight mountain bike with geometry tuned towards handling even the toughest of modern cross country courses, even though this is a hardtail mountain bike.

The second cross country mountain bike option comes in the form of the renowned Scott Spark; arguably the most successful Scott full suspension mountain bike. The Scott Sram XC team currently includes former world champion, Kate Courtney, and 10 times world champion, Nino Schurter, who has taken many victories aboard the Scott Spark. The Scott Spark 2022 range saw the platform receive an overhaul and a design that borrowed technology from the Scott-owned Bold Cycles, most notably of which is the hidden rear shock technology. The Scott Spark RC range remains a carbon fibre mountain bike option for those looking for a completely performance orientated ride, but the range still includes the Scott Spark 970 which is an aluminium framed mountain bike.

Next up in the Scott mountain biking lineup is their trail bike offering, the Genius. The first Scott Genius was introduced in 2003 and has undergone constant updates over the two decades of its life to ensure that it has always remained relevant. The Scott Genius has come in various different travel lengths over the years but the latest platform update of 2023 sees the Genius providing 150mm of rear travel and 160mm from the suspension forks. This latest iteration sees the Genius split into two different flavours; the Genius and Genius ST, standing for Super Trail. Both of these Genius bikes share the same frames, but the ST has the suspension forks at a slacker angle by default, although this can be adjusted on both models with the headset. The ST model is also equipped with a Fox piggyback rear shock to help keep the oil cooler and the rear suspension working optimally for longer.

The bigger hitter intended for the enduro bike market is the Scott Ransom. This model sees the resurgence of the Ransom range after a hiatus from around 2009, and comes back stronger than ever. The 2023 range sees the main frame of the Scott Ransom 910 being crafted from carbon fibre, and as with previous years, it is capable of running 27.5" or 29" wheels. The Scott Ransom 920 and 910 feature a full alloy frame, but this doesn't mean they're heavy; the Ransom 920 tips the scales at just 15.8kg/34.8lbs.

Finally, in our look at Scott MTBs, is their downhill mountain bike. The Scott Gambler has been around for a long time on the downhill bike world cup circuit with a long list of successes, and the latest incarnation is no exception. Scott claim that their downhill bikes are the lightest production bikes available, with a frameset weighing in at just 2650g for the carbon Gambler 900 Tuned. Both the 900 Tuned and 910 versions of the Scott Gambler come equipped with a Fox air shock to try and keep the weight down and offer increased adjustability, with the 920 being fitted with a bombproof RockShox Super Deluxe Select coil shock.

Scott Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes have grown hugely in popularity over recent years, as they provide the comfort and freedom of a hardtail mountain bike, with the performance and speed of a road bike. A modern gravel bike will differ from a cyclocross bike by having geometry that is more endurance orientated, and will usually offer more tyre clearance as they aren't bound by UCI regulations to a 700x33c tyre. Some gravel bikes will even run 650b wheels to allow a larger volume tyre to be used for more comfort.

Amongst the best gravel bikes is the Scott Addict Gravel. This is the flagship gravel model, aimed at performance; carbon fibre frames, deep section wheels and wireless electric groupsets make this very apparent. The Scott Addict Gravel 20 represents excellent value for money, implementing the same responsive geometry as the top flight Scott Addict Gravel Tuned, kitted out with a Sram AXS electronic groupset.

Versatility is the goal for the second gravel option in the line-up; the Scott Speedster Gravel. These are all alloy framed gravel bikes with options to mount mudguards, making them a perfect winter or commuter bike, as well as excelling along singletracks and railway lines. For 2023, the Scott Speedster Gravel 30 is a highlight, being available in a choice of two colours and featuring disc brakes and a Shimano GRX groupset for a great price.

The women's specific Contessa Addict Gravel 15 is, in our opinion, the best looking Scott Gravel Bike for 2023, painted partially in their "prism unicorn" colourway and partially finished with raw carbon. This bike features a Shimano GRX groupset with a Praxis crankset and is finished with Schwalbe G-One Bite tyres, making it an incredibly capable platform to take to the fire roads or single tracks alike. The Speedster Gravel range also gets the "Contessa" touch, with three models being available as womens gravel bikes.

Scott Kids Bikes

When buying a kids bike it is easy to fall into the trap of buying a cheap bike with the thinking that your child is growing and might not get much use out of it. The reality is that these cheap bikes are often poorly thought out with most effort and money being put into having a popular cartoon character on the front. Scott take the same approach to designing a bike for kids as they do to designing their adult bikes. This involves making sure the riding position is optimal and the components function as they should so that gears work correctly and more importantly, the brakes work well. These design choices make it easier for your child to learn how to ride a bike, and easier to continue developing skills.

Often the first "real" bike they will experience after a balance bike will be a kids 20 inch bike. These bikes can often have components such as disc brakes which require less strength to operate and so make them perfect for smaller hands. The frames on Scott 20 inch kids bikes are usually made from Alloy, which makes them a lot lighter than a cheap steel bike, and so they are easier to ride. These 20 inch wheeled bikes are just like miniature versions of the adult bikes so they are getting a real kids mountain bike.

After the 20 inch wheels, the next step is to upgrade them to a kids 24 inch bike. The Scott kids bike range means that throughout the various wheel sizes, the features and componentry remains high quality and so the 24 inch variants look similar to their smaller counterparts, but have key geometry tweaks to optimise the ride for taller kids.

Safety is obviously very important when your child is riding a bike, so Scott also make bike helmets for kids which have the same great safety features as the adult range, such as MIPS helmets.

Scott Road Bikes

Scott manufacture road bikes for all disciplines, for people who want to just get out and pedal around some country lanes on a Sunday, to those wanting to compete on the world's triathlon stage. Their bikes are also available to suit a whole range of budgets, offering an entry into road cycling with the Speedster range, right through to the carbon fibre road bikes of the Addict and Foil, designed to get to the top step of the podium.

First up in the Scott road bike collection, we'll look at their endurance road bike range. Endurance bikes are designed to be ridden for a long time, and be comfortable whilst doing so. This doesn't mean that endurance road bikes are slow however, as being comfortable can also lead to being able to perform better for longer. The two main models in this range are the Scott Speedster road bike and the Scott Addict road bike. The Speedster bikes all use a lightweight alloy frame and carbon fibre fork, and are all fitted with reliable Shimano components. The majority of the range comes equipped with disc brakes, but there is still a rim brake road bike in the lineup for those who aren't yet convinced on the benefits of disc brakes. The more performance orientated Scott endurance road bike model is the Addict. This range all use carbon fibre frames and forks and are kitted out with Shimano and Sram drivetrain components, and wheelsets from the likes of DT Swiss and Syncros. The Addict is also available in a high performance road race bike version, the Addict RC. This is the ultimate, lightweight version of the Addict, and top models are equipped with Zipp wheels, Sram eTap electronic shifting and Schwalbe Pro One tyres.

Over the years Scott carbon road bike design has become more refined and allowed for more radical frame designs to be introduced which could never be achieved via traditional frame tubing. One of the big advantages to carbon road bikes, is that they can be made into aerodynamic profiles without sacrificing strength and ride quality, and so the aero road bike was born. The Scott Foil road bike exhibits a frame shape that would previously have been at home on a time trial bike, but uses dropped rear stays to retain comfort over longer periods in the saddle. Cables are all internally routed to maximise its wind cheating abilities and to retain a clean look to the cockpit. This Scott aero road bike is one of the most technologically advanced bikes they have ever produced, second perhaps only to the Plasma. The Plasma 6 is Scott's triathlon bike and is arguably the fastest pedal bike on the planet. The brief was to make the world's fastest triathlon bike to tackle the likes of Ironman competitions, and so every element of this bike's design has been geared towards that goal. Travelling is a big part of Ironman competitions, so the cockpit has been designed to be removed in one piece, so you don't need to spend hours rebuilding at the other end of your flight. Adjustability and fit is key on a triathlon bike, and so the Scott Plasma 6 allows a huge range of adjustment from handlebar positions to rear wheel positions. Every component on these bikes has been chosen to maximise speed and efficiency, to make this a true superbike.

The Scott womens road bike range is designed to optimise the bikes specifically for female riders. The bikes retain the same features of the men's Scott road bikes, but have geometry tweaks that make the bikes fit women more accurately and have touchpoints tailored to increase performance for women riders. The Scott Contessa road bike range is made up from bikes from the Speedster and Addict ranges across a variety of different spec levels, meaning no matter your needs, there is a Scott ladies road bike for you.

To perfectly complement the Scott road bike range, there is a complete selection of helmets, shoes and clothing available, often in colours that match your Scott bike! As with all of their products, these are all designed to be functional and stylish, with many products actually designed to increase your performance. Scott road bike shoes are manufactured with stiff soles to allow maximum power transfer and include Boa fastenings to ensure the perfect fit can be achieved. A Scott road bike helmet can help complete the look and includes all of the cutting edge features you'd expect such as MIPS and aerodynamic profiles.

Scott Urban Bikes

A hybrid bike can be the perfect solution for a lot of people's everyday transport requirements, offering the freedom to get about town, and with the simple addition of a pannier rack and bags, can make the perfect urban commuter bike. In 2020 the average car journey was measured at only 7.9 miles, which means for a lot of people an urban bike could effectively replace the car for most journeys, particularly if you choose an electric hybrid bike. Obviously, riding a bike is generally considered better for the environment too, and you can reap the benefits of exercising while travelling.

What is a hybrid bike? Hybrid bike and urban bike are both terms that refer to the same thing; a bike that has mtb handlebars rather than drop handlebars, and similar geometry to a hardtail mountain bike, but uses the narrower tyres of a road bike. This style of bike lends itself to riding in built up, urban areas and they often have features that make them more versatile for urban life, such as pannier rack mounts or baskets. The Scott hybrid bike range follows this trend, and use lightweight materials to make the bikes easier to get around on, and are sometimes even equipped with internal hub gears and drive belts instead of chains in order to make them easier to maintain.

Scott hybrid bikes often come ready equipped with everything you need to take on the concrete jungle, including mudguards and dynamo hubs to power integrated bike lights. The Scott sub hybrid bike range all features alloy frames which results in a really lightweight hybrid bike that is easy to pedal about and lift up and down stairs or other obstacles.

If you live in a hilly area or commute regularly, you may wish to consider an electric urban bike which features a motor and electric bike battery to assist your pedalling. The extra assistance an urban electric bike provides can also make it easier to carry larger loads, with particularly weighty cargo being able to be handled by an electric cargo bike. Certainly for the majority of day to day luggage, any of the Scott electric hybrid bike range will cope with ease.

Scott E-Bikes

As a general rule, it is worth saying that it is better to buy a purpose built electric bike than to try and use an ebike conversion kit to change a normal bike into an e-bike. There are a few reasons for this, the main one being that when a normal bike is designed and manufactured, it isn't intended to take the extra stresses and strains that an e bike converter kit can put on the bike. The ebike batteries can also be of a lower quality than the batteries that are used by reputable bike brands, which can put you at risk of a fire. This is also true when looking to buy a cheap electric bike, unfortunately. When buying an electric bike from a quality brand such as Scott, although the bikes are a little more expensive than just purchasing an e bike conversion kit, you are getting a much better product that will be reliable and safe, and in the unlikely event that you do have an issue, you can always fall back on their superb warranty.

We've already mentioned a couple of the e bike options that are available within the various Scott ranges, but we'll quickly run down a few of the highlights here. On the whole, a Scott ebike will fall into one of the following categories:

Within the ebike range, the full suspension electric bike tends to get the most attention. At the top of the tree in terms of travel is the Scott Ransom ebike, which takes the proven enduro bike and adds a bosch motor to help make shuttling back up the hill for another run pretty much effortless. 180mm of travel front and rear makes this Scott ebike as capable as they come. Sitting slightly lower down the travel scale is the Scott Genius ebike, which sits at 160mm of front travel and 150mm of rear travel. Other full suspension ebike models to note in the range are the Scott Patron ST and Strike eRide. Completing the e mountain bike range is the hardtail Aspect eRide which makes for a great entry point to the world of mountain biking, or a comfortable leisure bike.

The e road bike range is a little more compact than the eMTB offerings, but there are still plenty of options to suit your needs. 2023 sees the addition of the Solace eRide, which also doubles as an electric gravel bike, giving you the ultimate freedom on where to ride. Range extenders are included as standard on the higher models and available as an option on the lower models, allowing you to spend most of the day in the saddle. All of the Solace eRide models make use of the new lightweight TQ HPR50 motor which provides up to 50Nm of torque. The other model in the Scott e road bike range is the Addict eRide which takes all of the riding characteristics of the standard Addict range and adds 60Nm of torque form a Mahle motor to assist on the steeper climbs.