The All New Scott Spark 900 & Spark RC 900

In recent years Scott bikes have been at the pinnacle of XC bike racing, pushing the boundaries of technology and creating lighter, faster, more capable bikes. The Scott Spark RC range has allowed the world's fastest racers to get to the top step of the podium and has been the tool of choice for Elite World Champion Kate Courtney and 8x World Champion Nino Schurter in recent years. For occasional racers, trail riders and anyone else who wants a bike that's as responsive as it is playful, the non-RC range of Scott Spark has provided a solid platform to conquer anything riders can throw at it. When the time came to redesign the Spark, the bar was set high to say the least...

The new Scott Spark RC and Spark 900 ranges represent the ultimate in carbon fibre mountain bike design, with the RC having more travel and being more capable than ever before and the more trail orientated Sparks pushing the boundaries of speed like nothing else - Fast Is Fun.

Hidden Shock

The most noticeable difference on the new Scott Spark is that the rear shock is completely housed within the bike frame, above the bottom bracket. This isn't just an aesthetic thing, although it does look fantastic, but it also protects the shock from elements and debris, and allows Scott to refine the suspension characteristics without increasing the weight.

This frame design with internal trunnion mounted shock allows the system to be much stiffer laterally, so the suspension can freely move up and down as intended, but cuts out any side-to-side movement, which can hinder suspension performance.

This design also allows for the use of bigger pivot bearings in the suspension linkage which further increases stiffness, but also helps to increase performance and longevity. This increase in performance leads to a better handling bike and can provide more traction on climbs when it matters most.

The shock is accessible via a hatch on the downtube, allowing adjustment to be made with ease and a hatch on the seat tube allows for access to the shock mount bolts and the O-ring. Sag can be set by using the intuitive sag indicator, located by the non-drive side linkage pivot.


Scott's own TwinLoc suspension system gets an update with a new remote lever actuating the same functionality; three modes for Descending, Traction Control and Lockout. The TwinLoc controls the forks and the shock simultaneously, allowing riders to make split second changes to how the bike handles to get the most out of any racetrack or trail.

This new version of the TwinLoc system places a dropper seatpost lever in a more ergonomic position than previous iterations, making it easier and quicker to react to the trail.

Integrated Cabling

The new Scott Spark features cable runs that integrate into the headtube allowing for a tidy cockpit and clean lines on the frame. Higher models such as the Spark RC Pro and the Spark 900 AXS feature Syncros's new iC (integrated Cockpit) handlebars and stem to further increase the level of integration, along with all of the other benefits of having a single-piece bar and stem.

Axle Tool

The new, improved version of the rear axle tool features a T25 and T30 Torx key, and a 6mm Allen key, all in one. All pivot bolts on the new Spark models can be adjusted with this single, handy tool and it stashes back into the rear axle seamlessly.