GASGAS, a name synonymous with high-performance and technical expertise in the two-wheeler realm, has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation since its inception in the mid-1980s. Originating from the spirited Spanish rallying cry "Vamos! Gas a fondo... gas gaaas!!!", which translates to "C'mon, give it full gas!!!, Go... faster, faster!", GASGAS carved a niche in the trial bike segment. The brand's early focus on trial models laid the foundation for its technical prowess, especially in the 2-stroke field. GASGAS quickly became a notable player on the trial scene from the late 1980s, achieving significant milestones like 16 FIM trial world titles since 1993 and four consecutive FIM Trial-E titles.

In the latest chapter of their innovative journey, GASGAS introduces the new GASGAS MXC range of e-bikes, a testament to their commitment to blending high performance with electric power. These new offerings from GASGAS symbolize a bold step into the electric mobility sector while staying true to their legacy of exhilarating offroad experiences. This GASGAS eBike showcases the brand's dedication to creating environmentally friendly yet powerful biking options for enthusiasts.

The GASGAS electric bike range stands as a perfect amalgamation of GASGAS's rich history in petrol-powered two-wheelers and their progressive approach towards sustainable, electric mobility. Designed with the offroad adventurer in mind, these e-bikes are built to deliver the same thrill and performance that riders have come to expect from GASGAS, but with the added benefits of electric technology.

Moreover, the GASGAS E bike line-up is poised to redefine the trail riding experience. With these bikes, GASGAS is not just offering a new product but a new way of exploring the outdoors. They combine the brand's trademark agility and power with the efficiency and sustainability of electric power, appealing to both traditional offroad biking enthusiasts and those keen on embracing the latest in e-mobility.

In essence, the new MXC range is more than just a series of models; it's a bold statement by GASGAS about the future of offroad biking, where electric power, performance, and sustainability coexist seamlessly. Here, we're going to take a closer look at the MXC range.

The frame of the GASGAS MXC electric mountain bikes is a marvel of modern design and engineering, reflecting the brand's commitment to high performance and durability. These bikes, which include the GASGAS MXC 4, 5, and 6 models, are constructed with a carbon frame, known for its lightweight yet strong properties. This material choice significantly contributes to the bike's agility and responsiveness on various terrains.

A distinctive feature of the GASGAS bikes is their suspension system. The MXC 4 model, for example, is equipped with a full suspension setup featuring a RockShox Lyrik Select+ fork and a RockShox Deluxe Select+ shock, offering 160mm of travel at the front and 140mm at the rear. This setup ensures smooth handling over rough terrain, making the bike suitable for both leisurely rides and more challenging trails.

Further enhancing the design of this GASGAS ebike is the mullet system, which incorporates a 29" front wheel and a 27.5" rear wheel. This combination allows for improved stability and control, making the bike adept at navigating technical trails while maintaining speed and agility.

The frame design also includes thoughtful details for durability and maintenance. Oversized bearings are used for longevity, and additional protection is provided with extra top tube protection and a plastic chainstay cover. These features collectively ensure that this GASGAS electric mountain bike is not only high-performing but also robust and reliable for extended use.

The GASGAS MXC e-bikes, with their advanced carbon frame, sophisticated suspension system, and well-thought-out design features, stand out as top-tier choices for mountain biking enthusiasts who demand both performance and durability.

The SRAM Eagle Powertrain used in the GASGAS ebike range offers a unique and advanced experience compared to other e-bike drive systems. Its standout features include the AXS bridge display, auto-shift, and coast-shift functionalities.

The AXS Bridge display is integrated into the top tube of the e-bike and provides essential information such as the selected support mode, shifting mode, and remaining battery level. This integration contributes to a cleaner and more streamlined design. The display is controlled through the AXS Pods on the handlebar, which are rubberized and provide immediate feedback through a defined click. This system eliminates the need for additional remotes, maintaining a sleek cockpit appearance. The functionality of these Pods can be customized through the SRAM AXS app, which also allows for motor tuning and updates.

The Auto-Shift function of the SRAM Transmission groupset is designed to simplify riding by automating gear shifts. This allows the rider to concentrate on the trail without worrying about manual shifting. Over time, the functionality of Auto-Shift has evolved, reducing the number of unnecessary gear shifts per hour and optimizing cadence. The system is capable of shifting gears without pedaling, thanks to the Coast-Shift feature, and can be manually overridden at any time.

On the trail, the SRAM Eagle Powertrain performs impressively in both Range and Rally modes. In Rally mode, it offers powerful support, comparable to other leading e-bike systems, and delivers a natural ride feel without being overly harsh. The motor's response is smooth and quiet, both while ascending and descending. Auto-Shift, with its several cadence modes, adapts well to different terrains and riding styles, though there may be a slight lag in response when the terrain changes abruptly. Riders have the option to manually override the Auto-Shift at any point. The Coast-Shift function, which automatically shifts gears as you coast, is particularly effective, ensuring a suitable gear ratio for varying speeds.


Fork: RockShox Lyrik Select+, DebonAir+, Air, 160 mm, Tapered
Shock: RockShox Deluxe Select+, Air, 205x60 mm
Brakes: SRAM DB8, 4-piston
Seatpost: GASGAS Pro Dropper Post, 34.9mm
Rear Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle, 12 Speed
Shifter: SRAM SX Eagle, Single Click
Rims: Mach 1 TRUCKY 30 (F)/35 (R), With eyelets, Tubeless ready


Fork: DVO Onyx D1CV, Air, 160 mm, Tapered
Shock: DVO Topaz AIR CV, Air, 205x60mm
Brakes: SRAM G2 RS, 4-piston
Seatpost: GASGAS Pro Dropper Post, 34.9mm
Rear Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle Transmission, 12 Speed
Shifter: SRAM AXS Pod Ultimate Controller
Rims: Mach 1 TRUCKY 30 (F)/35 (R), With eyelets, Tubeless ready


Fork: DVO Onyx D1CV OTT, Air, 160mm, Tapered
Shock: DVO Topaz AIR CV, Air, 205x60mm
Brakes: SRAM Code RSC, 4-piston
Seatpost: RockShox Reverb AXS
Rear Derailleur: SRAM X0 Eagle Transmission, 12 Speed
Shifter: SRAM AXS Pod Ultimate Controller
Rims: NEWMEN Evolution SL E.G. 30 (F)/35 (R), Tubeless Ready