Mudguards Buying Guide

Like many components that we discuss here on The Blog, mudguards are not the most exciting bits of kit that we get into the shop here at Westbrook Cycles. Mudguards are however, pretty important - and serve an important dual purpose, in protecting the rider and the rider's bike from salty spray, mud as well as grit. Different mudguards are available across the full range of bicycles available to purchase, from mudguards for road bikes to mudguards for mountain bikes. As with anything in the cycling world, there’s many different options to choose between, and below we run through some of the most popular options as well as the best options for each type of bike, and each type of journey - from the morning commute, to long days on the trails. 

Full Length Mudguards

Full Length Mudguards are the ultimate choice for those wanting to keep their rears clean & free from the dirt and grime of the road. As well as protecting the rider from dirt and spray, full length guards also prevent anyone cycling behind you getting sprayed by your back wheel - available for both the front and back wheel of a bike, these mudguards also do a great job of protecting the bike itself from damage and corrosion from grime. Full Length Mudguards are usually fitted to road and commuter bikes, and to be fitted your frame needs to have enough clearance, as well as eyelets on both the front and rear of the bike for some models. Although fitting them is not the easiest of jobs, once these mudguards are fitted they stay in place for a long time. 

Clip On Mudguards

Those looking for the quickest and easiest options of fitting mudguards to a bike will choose clip-on mudguards, which simply clip on to the frame of your bike with ease. These mudguards are usually shorter than their full length counterparts, but also weight a lot less and are a popular choice for road cyclists. Although these mudguards are pretty much universal they may not fit all models of bike. 

Mudguards for Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike Mudguards are up against it from the very start, designed to keep the rider and bike protected from mud - which is pretty commonplace on days out mountain biking. It’s important that these guards do not clog up under muddy conditions, which means they need a decent amount of clearance away from the moving parts of a bike. Easy to fit, these guards work in a similar way to clip on mudguards. 

Bicycle Mudguards from Westbrook Cycles

At Westbrook Cycles, we are proud to stock a great range of front and rear mudguards for bikes. All of these guards have been supplied and handpicked from leading brands such as Scott, SyncrosBergamont and BMC

You can view the full range here, and just get in touch if you have any questions about the right mudguard for your needs.