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Bar End Plugs may seem like an afterthought to many - but they provide an important role and function on any bike. As well as stopping the ends of your handlebars from being damaged in the vent of a crash, they also help protect your hands & arms from an exposed handlebar during an impact between rider and the handlebars. At Westbrook, we supply a range of BMX Bar Ends, as well as Road Bike & Mountain Bike Bar Ends.

Starting with the range of BMX plugs, there’s a wide range to choose from - there’s plastic bar ends which are perfect for the BMX’s that are sent flying right across to more expensive aluminium bar end plugs which usually have some form of expansion to provide a snug and tight fit. MTB and road bike plugs are pretty similar - and their purpose is the same, to protect both the bars alongside your body, in the event of an off. Often, a new pair of bar end plugs will be included with a purchase of grip tape - although they are available to buy individually. There’s a few types to choose from:

Push in plugs - these are usually used on road bikes, they simply plug into the end of the bar and are usually made form either nylon or plastic. Push in plugs for mountain bikes are usually more robust, owing to the nature of the riding - and are typically made from alloy. These are particularly popular for riders using carbon bars, looking to add some extra protection.

Bar End Caps - usually used only on mountain bikes, these bar end plugs/caps are designed to fit over the end of your MTB handlebars and are secured into place with some small grub screws. These are some of the most coolest and most colourful bar end options.

Extender plugs - these are most commonly used on road bikes, and provide an extra couple of inches onto the edge of the handlebar, allowing the rider to enjoy more width and in turn, greater options of hand position and comfort.

You can view our complete range of Bar Ends above, and please do get in touch if you have any questions about the range.