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Lee-Chi 209P Kids V-Brakes



SCB-C310 V-Brakes



Front Brake For Slice RS 2013

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Although Hydraulic Disc Brakes are used across most mountain bikes, there are still some mountain bikes in production - and plenty in existence which use cantilever brakes for their stopping power. As well as Mountain Bikes using Cantilever Brakes, City Bikes and Hybrid bikes can all use Cantilever brakes and of these bikes - most use V Brakes. These brakes operate by two individual brake arms which are mounted via two brake bosses, and each arm of the brake is attached to a boss on either the seatstay of the bike or the fork of the bike.

At Westbrook, we stock and supply a full range of V-Brakes and the range encompasses brakes which can be used on almost all bikes. The range of V-Brakes do not vary massively, all fulfil the same purpose in the same way - with more premium V-Brakes being made from lighter and stronger materials.

Although largely replaced by Disc Brakes, we have many customers who enjoy and respect the V-Brakes on their bikes - and they do have some advantages to riders. First of all, V-Brakes weigh less than disc brakes and are much simpler to work with, with many riders being able to replace and service V-Brakes themselves. Customers can also enjoy the sharp nature of the V Brake - and many customers simply have an older bike which does not have the right fitments for disc brakes on it.

You can view the full range of V-Brake sets and components above, and as always - if you have any questions about the range, or the suitable products for your bike, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.