Westbrook Cycles Welcomes Pinarello

Pinarello is more than just a brand; it's a legacy on two wheels. "Nani" Pinarello was born in 1922 near Treviso, Italy. Growing up during the golden era of Italian cycling, Giovanni's love for racing began at a tender age. Although he competed in the Giro d’Italia in 1951, his destiny was frame-building. This craft he honed during his amateur racing days. Giovanni’s ambition was clear: to craft the world's best bikes. 70 years later, his son Fausto Pinarello has taken over, propelling the brand to the top of the cycling realm.

Today, Pinarello bikes are viewed in the same vein as Ferraris are to Formula 1 fans. They are a fusion of Italian heritage, excellent racing pedigree, and quality. The story of Pinarello is one adorned with iconic moments and victories at the grandest of stages. The brand had its 70th anniversary in 2022. Now the ethos of victory is more ingrained than ever, with their masterfully designed bikes.

We at Westbrook Cycles are beyond thrilled to join our story with Pinarello's. The road ahead is promising as we unveil the epic Pinarello Dogma F, the new Dogma X. We're not just offering bikes; we're extending an invitation to be part of a legendary cycling narrative.

A Racing Pedigree

Pinarello’s involvement in road racing is as rich and layered as its bike building. The brand’s racing pedigree came from humble beginnings with local teams. This lead to their first international win in 1961. The real game changer came in the early '60s when Pinarello began sponsoring amateur teams. Later, a partnership with the young rider Miguel Indurain brought significant victories and groundbreaking bike designs. These included the "Espada" bike which was designed in a wind tunnel and made from carbon fiber.

As the brand established its racing legacy, a number of big names came to Pinarello bikes for their racing results. On September 2nd 1994, Miguel Indurain rode a Pinarello track bike to set a new hour record, beating the previous record held by Graeme Obree. Over the years, Pinarello became known for cycling competitions, its bikes becoming a common sight at grand tour races and other cycling events. The unique designs and technology of Pinarello bikes set them apart, with their performance in races proving their worth.

In the modern racing era, Pinarello continues to supply bikes to elite racing teams. The bond of Pinarello and Team Sky, which later changed to Ineos Grenadiers, is a hallmark of this legacy. Since 2010, Ineos Grenadiers has relied on Pinarello's technologies. They have raced on 17 different models of Pinarello bikes in the world's biggest events. The partnership has lead to 393 victories, including wins in all twelve of its Grand Tours and seven Tours de France. The evolution of the Dogma frame and models like the Bolide time trial bike, is a result of Pinarello and Ineos Grenadiers working together.

The Technology

Pinarello's journey of using cutting edge technology in bike building dates back to its early years. At first, all Pinarello frames were made from steel. In the '80s, the company switched to using Columbus tubing for most of its models. Lower end models in '89 had tubing by Oria. The mid '80s saw the use of Tange Prestige tubing, marking the first use of non-Italian tubes. Fast forward to '93, the Banesto Line emerged, only using Oria tubing. The technology evolved through the '90s until 2004, with Pinarello making frames from steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

In recent years, Pinarello has preferred carbon fibre. They work with Toray, which is hailed as "the best carbon fiber producer in the world". This is key to enhancing bike stiffness and strength. These advancements can be seen in the 2023 Pinarello road bikes, where carbon fibre is used to strike a balance between weight, handling, and damping ability. This also spreads to aerodynamics, as seen in the aero-shaped seat post and tapered seat tube the bikes feature.

The technological strides that have been made by Pinarello in their bikes has bolstered performance and also improved the ride quality. The Pinarello Dogma F road race bikes use the Onda fork which is made to enhance aerodynamics. Drag from the air is reduced, so the bike can go faster with less effort. This gives us a glimpse at how tech is used to improve efficiency and performance of Pinarello bikes.

Pinarello's rich technological history intertwined with its modern-day advancements underscores the brand's enduringPinarello's rich past of using high tech methods twinned with its modern day techniques shows their commitment. Through continued improvement, Pinarello makes sure cyclists enjoy the thrill of speed and the comfort and joy of cycling. The end result is a bike that is fast, light and strong, and very fun to ride. commitment to delivering top-tier bikes. Through continuous innovation, Pinarello ensures cyclists enjoy not only the thrill of speed but also the comfort, efficiency, and the pure joy of cycling.

The Pinarello Dogma is hailed as a hallmark of excellence in the realm of road bikes. They combine a blend of great looks, a comfy ride, and performance driven features. The Dogma series, in particular the Dogma F, shows the high quality materials and high tech methods involved in its creation.

Dubbed as one of the best road race bikes of all time, the Pinarello Dogma F is designed to excel in all road bike disciplines. It showcases its versatile design and great race results in the cycling arena. The Dogma F is often referred to as an all out superbike, carrying on the legacy of its predecessor, the F12.

From the lens of frame building and design, the Dogma F is a cutting edge race bike. It showcases very high end handling, comfort, and aerodynamics. Its form gives a balanced ride, whether you are climbing steep hills, sprinting on the flat, or descending at speed. The Dogma F is made to respond quickly to the range of challenges thrown by different road conditions. This makes it a reliable bike for any cyclists that are aiming for peak performance.

The Pinarello Dogma series, has a blend of Italian craftsmanship, high tech design, and race heritage. This means it continues to be a coveted bike among road cyclists and pro racers alike.

The Pinarello Grevil is a great bike for those enticed by gravel biking. It has a blend of features from the well loved Dogma series while bringing traits more suited to mixed terrain adventures. The Grevil, is a gravel bike that uses the aero look and design of Pinarello's top end road bikes, yet it adds off-road competence. The ride is said to be quick, responsive, and fun, and makes every pedal stroke feel powerful. It is also efficient, with a compact cockpit that enhances the rider's posture for aggressive pedaling. If you want a fun bike that can go fast on gravel, this is the bike for you.

The Grevil feels at home showing its distinctive looks which work well on varied surfaces. It truly does mark its presence as an aero gravel bike with a need for speed. The Grevil has had its geometry tailored for gravel, with a shorter reach and higher stack height than a normal road bike. This is alongside a changed fork angle and rake, all twinned with a frame made of Toray T700 carbon fiber.

The Pinarello Grevil shows a worthy venture into the gravel bike world, which extends the brand's line-up. They are performance aimed bikes that can cope with terrain that demands a blend of speed and aerodynamics. Through the Grevil, Pinarello continues to stake its claim in the world of bikes. Their bikes cater to the always evolving desires of cycling experts, and they look great too.

The Pinarello Nytro range encapsulates the brand's venture into the electric bike realm, marrying the traditional aesthetic and performance characteristics of Pinarello with modern e-bike technology. The 2023 iteration of the Pinarello Nytro E road bikes comes with a revamped design, featuring an extremely compact TQ drive system that complements the sleek aesthetics synonymous with Pinarello bikes​. The range is updated around TQ's HPR50 motor system, which, coupled with the lightweight design, earns the Nytro the title of the 'lightest e-bike of its kind'.

At the core of the Nytro range's appeal is the additional power the TQ-HPR50 motor system provides, offering an extra 300 watts of power to conquer even the steepest climbs without unnatural sensations. This, combined with the motor's class-leading inaudibility, ensures a seamless blend of natural cycling experience with the assisted power when needed. Whether it's the electric gravel bike or E road bike variant, the Pinarello Nytro range showcases a well-thought-out fusion of traditional cycling dynamics with modern electric assist technology, embodying a forward-thinking approach to diversifying cycling experiences.

Pinarello X Westbrook

As we usher in this exciting chapter at Westbrook Cycles, our anticipation brims with every thought of bringing the illustrious Pinarello range to our esteemed clientele. Pinarello's rich tapestry of history, unrivaled racing pedigree, and the relentless pursuit of technological innovation resonate profoundly with our ethos. The prospect of offering the revered Pinarello Dogma, the versatile Grevil, and the electrifying Nytro range heralds not just a business milestone, but an opportunity to extend the legacy of cycling excellence to our community. As we unveil the Pinarello collection, we are not just selling bikes; we are inviting you to become a part of a legendary narrative, to experience the fusion of heritage, performance, and modern-day cycling innovation. Our journey with Pinarello commences, and we are thrilled to have you ride alongside us on these iconic two-wheel marvels.