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 Cycle To Work FAQs - Westbrook Cycles

Which Schemes Do You Deal With?

We accept cycle to work vouchers for Bike2Work, Cyclescheme, SME HCI (NHS), Cycleplus, Green Commute Initiative and Cycle Solutions.

Can I Use A Cycle To Work Voucher On A Sale Item?

Yes, you can use a cycle to work voucher on a sale item, however an additional charge of 10% of the voucher's value must be added to cover what we are charged by the cycle schemes.

How Much Do I Save By Using A Cycle To Work Scheme?

Savings are typically between 25% and 42% but are dependent on a number of factors including annual income and the voucher value. Some cycle to work scheme websites provide a calculator to give a more accurate figure, but if you want more information you should contact your employer.

Can I Use Any Promotional Codes Or Deals In Conjunction With Cycle To Work Schemes? 

No, unfortunately you can't take advantage of any of promotional offers, deals or codes that we have running in conjunction with Cycle To Work schemes.





Can I Only Use Cycle To Work To Purchase A Bike?

No, your cycle to work application can include accessories with the bike in your request.

Has The £1000 Cap Been Removed On Your Cycle Schemes?

The cap has been technically removed for all cycle schemes now (September 2019), however with the legislation surrounding it being so complicated there are still very few schemes that are able to offer an amount above £1000. We will endeavour to update this FAQ when more information is available.

Can I Add My Own Funds To 'Top Up' The Value Of My Voucher?

The maximum Certificate value available on most schemes for the vast majority of participants is £1,000 inc. VAT (unless your employer has their own Consumer Credit Authorisation). 

As a general rule, if the total value of the equipment you require for your cycle commute is in excess of your Employer’s maximum limit, you may be able to add your own funds to the Certificate value.  

However, as there are a handful of employers that don't allow this practice it is advisable to check with your employer. If and when it becomes possible to obtain a cycle scheme voucher above the value of £1000, you will not be able to part-fund the purchase with your voucher and complete the purchase with additional funds.

If you choose to add your own funds, you need to remember that you will not make a saving on anything over the maximum certificate value available via your employer’s scheme and all equipment will remain the property of your employer during the hire agreement.