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ECC 6 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike (2024)

Finance From £124.99/mo


ECC 5 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike (2024)

Finance From £111.10/mo


ECC 4 Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bike (2024)

Finance From £101.38/mo


GASGAS, a reputable name in the off-road motorbike industry, has embraced the eMTB market with an array of impressive models. Their electric mountain bike range for 2023 is extensive and displays a commitment to performance, innovation, and rider satisfaction.


The GASGAS 2023 eMTB lineup includes several models across different categories, each catering to a variety of rider preferences and trail demands:

  1. G Light Trail Series: This series features the G LIGHT TRAIL 2.0 and G LIGHT TRAIL 3.0 models, boasting ultra-light carbon frames and a playful, super-agile feeling reminiscent of traditional mountain bikes. These models come with a slightly smaller motor and battery, tucked into the lightweight frame, ensuring an authentic MTB experience with the added benefit of pedal-assist when needed. Both models are equipped with 29” wheels and 150mm of travel to tackle rough terrains smoothly​.

  2. G Enduro Series: The G Enduro lineup, including G ENDURO 1.0, G ENDURO 2.0, and G ENDURO 3.0, is designed for those looking to conquer rough trails on long riding days. These aluminum-framed models are tailored for different riding styles. For instance, the 1.0 model features a 'mullet-build' with a 29” front wheel and 27.5” rear wheel, offering improved cornering and rolling capabilities. The 2.0 and 3.0 models, on the other hand, emphasize straight-line stability with 29” wheels, larger batteries, and longer fork travel, ready to dominate the gnarliest terrains​.

The Game-Changing GASGAS ECC

The GASGAS ECC is a cutting-edge eMTB model that has stirred excitement from the UCI MTB World Cup stages to dealer floors. Engineered by KISKA for GASGAS, this machine has been tested and developed in the UCI E-Enduro World Cup, marking a new era of eMTB performance:

  1. Frame and Design: The ECC is built with a 100% carbon frame, designed meticulously from scratch to dominate the most challenging Enduro trails. The chassis, with 160mm travel, is developed for high-speed performance, and features a size-specific rear triangle for a more tailored ride feel. It also offers optional armor for additional protection and customization​.

  2. Power and Performance: At the core of the GASGAS ECC lies the revolutionary SRAM Eagle Powertrain Drive Unit, offering up to 90Nm of torque with 680W peak power. The system is engineered for a natural pedaling experience, with two support levels and additional auto and coast shifting capabilities. It's noted for its quiet operation and efficiency, ensuring longer power delivery and less energy consumption, even in super-hard riding conditions. The ECC models come with a 600Wh battery, and an aftermarket 250Wh range extender is available for those concerned about range​.

  3. Suspension Technology: The ECC 6 and ECC 5 models feature a new suspension system from a collaboration between DVO and WP. This suspension setup, with a cone valve damper inside a 170mm travel, 38mm fork, and coil shock, reduces harsh impacts, rider fatigue, and hand numbness on long descents, ensuring a comfortable and confident ride​.

GASGAS has indeed made a grand entry into the eMTB market, offering a variety of models to cater to different rider preferences and trail demands. Their eBikes promise a blend of innovation, performance, and fun on the trails. Whether you are looking for a light, agile trail companion, a robust enduro warrior, or a revolutionary performance-oriented eMTB like the ECC, GASGAS’s electric bike range has got something to ignite the adventurer in you.