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Kids Bikes

Whether in the saddle for their very first time, or adventuring to school with a group of friends; your kids will love our selection of outstanding kids bikes. Built for safety, longevity and performance; our children's bikes ranging from 12" to 20" are ideal
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At Westbrook Cycles we are proud to provide our customers not only with an incredibly array of adult bikes, but also with an excellent range of kids bikes - which have been designed to suit and match all ages and riding abilities. In our experience, and in our North Yorkshire shop - kids tend to love their bikes just as much as adults do, with a bike giving them unparalleled freedom and untold opportunities for adventure. 

As with any bike purchase, there is a massive amount of choice when it comes to choosing the right bike for your child. Sticking to a few key rules when purchasing your child's next bike however, should ensure that you make the right decision. 

Firstly, buy a bike which fits your child. Do not be tempted into buying a bike into which your child will grow into, the only result of this approach is your child not enjoying riding their new bike. Secondly, it’s always best to invest in a good quality bike, not only for the safety of your child but also for reasons of value. Cheap & nasty bikes in our experience, simply do not last five minutes, whilst a good quality bike will last for years to come - ready to pass down to little brother or sister, or sell onto others on a very buoyant second hand market. 

At the beginning of the bike journey for your child, are balance bikes. Suitable for children aged 2-4, these bikes are propelled and stopped by your children's feet - so there are no pedals, chain or gearing.  These bikes are the ideal way in gently teaching your child how to ride a bike, introducing balance and steering into the mix, whilst they are in full control of the bike. 

Once a child reaches 3-5 years of age, they are able to learn how to a ride a small bike - typically with 14 inch wheels, and a single gear. These bikes have been designed to be easy to ride, and tough enough to put up with everything a three year old can throw at them! Once this bike has been mastered, and your child continues to grow - 16 inch wheel bikes are the next bike of choice. These bikes are both durable and easy to ride, and have a low sitting frame - so if your child falls off, or dismounts too quickly, they can easily stand.

The next big milestone is the 20 inch wheeled bike, which are suitable for kids aged five years and above. These bikes are more or less, miniature mountain bikes - and many have gears to use. Lastly, a 24 inch wheel children's bike should see your child transition from a child's bike to an adult bike, pretty easily by their early teens. 

ll entries in our Kids bikes department surpass extremely strict safety requirements and have been thoroughly tested before reaching our store. You'll of course want to keep your little ones safe, so we'd absolutely recommend investing in a reliable Kids bike helmet from a trusted industry brand. For more proficient and older cyclists, explore our collection of Scott Kids Bikes & Kids bikes from Giant.