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Winter Road Cycling Clothing Guide

If you live and ride in the UK, it’s likely that you will have to encounter some pretty miserable weather conditions if you want to ride any other time than over the few weeks that we can safely call summer. One of the trickiest things in deciding what to wear on a ride is the amount of variables a rider can experience during a ride, as well as the weather being unpredictable; from torrential rain to bursts of sunshine the activity of cycling also creates massive variables in exercise levels meaning a rider can be sweating and struggling up a massive incline one minute, and cruising down the other side at 40mph, getting cold, the next. The secret to providing a comfortable, warm and dry cycling outfit for the winter months is to layer well. Only by using the right layering system can you remain warm, dry and comfortable on long winter rides. In this post we look at some of the best ways to layer up for road cycling, as well as some other ways to keep comfortable as the mercury drops.

Base Layer

There are absolutely tons of fantastic base layers designed for use by road cyclists. Made from both manmade materials and natural materials, such as Merino Wool. The purpose of these base layers is two fold, with the first purpose being keeping the body warm, being the closest layer to the skin. The second reason a base layer is important, is because they effectively wick sweat away from the body - keeping the body both warm and most importantly, dry! Ideally cyclists will have long sleeve base layers as well as a short sleeve base layer to cover all eventualities.

Bib Shorts/Tights

Usually, next to the base layer sits bib shorts or tights. These garments provide shoulder straps, and an incredibly comfortable and secure fit VS shorts or tights which stop at the waist.

Cycling Jersey

Instantly one of the most recognisable parts of a cycling get up, the jersey. A long sleeve jersey is a good option for a winter's day, and summer short sleeve jerseys can also be worn as part of your layering system.

Outer Shell

It’s rare that cycling jerseys will provide all of the protection that you need from the elements in winter, fortunately there’s a fantastic range of road cycling jackets which are windproof, waterproof and breathable. Keeping you dry and warm.


Keeping the majority of your body warm, just is not enough - and it’s the body’s extremities which can feel the cold first, ruining your ride. A good pair of gloves are essential, with windproof gloves being our choice for the colder months.

Road Biking Clothing from Westbrook Cycles

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply a fantastic range of cycling clothing - suitable for use all year round, as well as the colder months where keeping warm and dry is the key to a successful and comfortable ride.


You can view the full range here, and as always - just get in touch if you have any questions at all.