Winter Road Bikes

As a company full of cycling enthusiasts, it’s no surprise that we look for almost any opportunity to buy an extra bike to add to our collections. Increasingly, we have been, and witnessed our customers adding a winter road bike to their collection, for use during the harsher autumn & winter months here in the UK. 

This topic started some debate in the office, about what bikes to use during the winter months - and what features a winter bike needs to have, as well as what budget range is sensible for a winter bike, which only gets used during the bad weather months. 

We are all (mostly) in agreement that a winter bike, is normally a mid range road bike - which has wider tyres, disc brakes and mudguards - making it a more comfortable, and safer bike to ride in adverse conditions. It’s also desirable for winter bikes to have racking and storage options for everything from spare clothing, to saddle packs and puncture repair kits. 

One of the biggest advantages of a winter road bike, is that you do not have to adapt your summer bike with extra equipment and accessories - you can keep your best summer bike, for best. There is also no need to expose your summer bike to salt, mud, new potholes and grime that the roads hold during the winter months. There’s nothing satisfying about washing salt and grit off a carbon fibre frame. 

We offer a collection of road bikes that includes both dedicated winter road bikes, as well as a range of mid range road bikes - which can be adapted and accessorised easily to cope with winter riding conditions. Of course, you do not have to buy a dedicated winter bike - you can simply use one of your old bikes to take the punishment. 

For those who do not want to skip out road cycling during the winter months - we also stock and supply the very best winter riding accessories and clothing - keeping you warm and comfortable when on the road.