Winter Cycle Commuting Guide

Whilst some of us will look outside and have the darker nights creeping in and be tempted to put our bikes away for the winter months, many who commute to work will be continuing with cycle journeys as normal. The guide below has is written to benefit the hardcore of cyclists, the winter commuters. 

For those who continue to cycle into work during the winter months, there’s a massive number of advantages to be enjoyed. As well as looking particularly hardcore to your colleagues, you can also enjoy keeping fit over the winter months, as well as continuing to enjoy the lowest possible commuting costs. 

The below hints and tips, help you make the most of out your winter commutes and journeys. 

Winter Bike Servicing

If you are commuting on your bike full stop, your bike needs to be well maintained - preventing breakdowns and mechanical issues leaving you stuck on the side of the road in terrible weather conditions. 

Invest in a New Bike

Commuting over the winter months, all year round - is deserving of a pat on the back and the investment in a new bike. Gravel bikes are incredibly popular choices for commuters, opening up off road, semi off road and on road commuting performance. 


Lights are essential bits of equipment for winter commuting and cycling, not only keeping the road ahead visible - but also ensuring that motorists and other cyclists can see you whilst commuting. A range of bike lights are available, and modern LED technology means that these lights are brighter, more reliable and longer lasting than ever before. 


Mudguards are a great addition, and almost vital accessory for winter commuting - preventing mud and grime from road spray. 

Wear the Correct Clothing

Winter cycling requires winter clothing for both safety and comfort. Cold weather demands a layering and clothing system which works through the cold, keeping you comfortable and dry at all times. 

A good winter base layer is essential, a jersey should be your next layer - with a waterproof and windproof jacket being the final and outermost layer. Bib Tights provide the perfect way to keep your legs warm with boot and shoe covers providing waterproof protection for the feet. 

Last but not least, ensure that you have a decent pair of waterproof gloves to protect your hands. 

Mix up the Commute

Commuting during the winter months can be a thankless task, so ensure to keep up motivation by mixing up your commute and enjoying different routes, if you ride a gravel bike - look for areas of off road which you can enjoy and ride.