Why Choose A Full Suspension Mountain Bike?

Full Suspension Mountain bikes are the ultimate mountain bike to own - they are crammed with components, and rear and front suspension makes soaks up the uneven terrain found when mountain biking. That fact however, does not mean you should rush out and buy one on that statement alone.

Below, we look at some of the reasons why you should invest in a full suspension mountain bike, as well as what you can expect from the bike once you have it. 


Full Suspension bikes have no equal when used in the field, they are able to soak up all kinds of punishment and terrain - making every journey that little bit more comfortable. Because they have two lots of suspension Vs just the one found on a hardtail mountain bike - less of the ground lumps and bumps are passed onto your body - so your joints will thank you for choosing full suspension. 


The diversity of full suspension mountain bikes, is really down to all of the different setups and designs they have - the main split of full suspension bikes is between cross country full suspension bikes and downhill full suspension bikes. Although hardtail mountain bikes will always be the best choice for those climbing - full suspension bikes are more efficient than ever in turning pedalling energy into forward motion. 

Ideal for Beginners

Although full suspension bikes come in at a higher price point than hardtail mountain bikes - they are the best possible bike for those wanting to build confidence, so suit beginners perfectly. They are more comfortable and easier to control, thanks to a smoother ride. 

No Terrain is off limits

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes have been designed and developed to tackle the most difficult terrain that you can find - so there’s almost never a moment where you will have to turn back, because your bike cannot cope with the terrain. 


Although aesthetics are completely subjective - full suspension bikes do look more aggressive, and more purposeful than hardtail mountain bikes (in our opinion) the choice here of course, is totally up to you - but we are huge fans of the design and appearance of full suspension mountain bikes. 

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Online

At Westbrook, we stock and supply an excellent range of full suspension mountain bikes - all of which have been handpicked from bike manufacturers who we know and trust to deliver mountain bikes which offer excellent performance reliability as standard.