When To Replace Bike Tyres

Whether you ride a mountain bike or a road bike, the importance of tyres on your bike remains the same. Tyres are the only component which is in contact with the ground, and it’s therefore essential to pay them some attention.

Unlike on a car or a motorbike, there is no legal requirement to change bike tyres when they run low, or become unsafe - meaning it’s important to keep an eye on your tyre condition and tread - ensuring they are replaced when they are either worn down or have suffered damage.

Below, we look at some of the ways in which you can tell that you need to replace your bike tyre.


If your bike tyre has had an impact, either on road or off road - the structure of the tyre may have been damaged and require replacement. At the very least, the tyre needs checking. Common causes of damaged tyres on the roads include potholes and drains, and common causes of mountain bike tyre damage include rocks and other immovable objects!

If you feel the rim of your wheel hit an object, such as a pothole - then there is a chance that the sidewall of the tyre is damaged. It’s also worth checking your bike tyre if you have an impact which changes the direction of your wheel, jerking the handling of the bike.

As well as checking your tyre, it’s also good practice to check the rim of the wheels for damage.

Low Tread levels

The most common cause of a tyre needing replacement, is the tyre wearing out due to use. A lot of tyres have tread wear indicators. Generally, the tyre will wear at an even rate, but in some cases where you have skidded on the bike, it’s possible that a section of the bike tyre is worn down, with the end result being a tyre which needs replacing.


Although it’s pretty obvious, if you are suffering from repeated flat tyres on your bike - it’s a good indication that you either have a slow puncture caused by debris such as a piece of glass, or the tread has worn down to a point where the tyre is leaking air. Either way, replacement tyres are needed.


This is one of the more obvious reasons for replacing a tyre, and is very easy to identify. Blowouts are not usually repairable, so a replacement tyre is the best option.

You are unhappy with tyre performance

If you take your cycling seriously, as many of us do - and you are unhappy with how your current tyre is performing, through fault or your preferences - changing your tyre can be the best way to get the best results and satisfaction out of your ride.

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