When To Buy A New Road Bike

The above question is one of the most difficult questions that road bikers face, when to replace their current road bike with a newer bike. There’s an ever changing landscape of road bikes - with new releases which feature the most innovative designs, which also feature the newest and best, equally innovative materials - such as super lightweight carbon fibre.

Customers of ours at Westbrook Cycles, replace and upgrade their road bikes at different intervals - we speak to die hard cyclists who replace their road bikes every few years, and some which replace them a couple of times a year. There is no right timescale or wrong timescale to replace a road bike with a new model, and affordability should always be the key consideration.

Road Cyclists who have had their current road bike for a number of years, will be both impressed and possibly overwhelmed with the range of improvements and differences with road bikes on the market in 2020. Road bikes today are quicker and easier to ride than ever before, featuring components and designs which have been designed to maximise rider enjoyment and performance. These road bikes are quicker and smoother than ever before. Increased performance is not just limited to certain times, these bikes climb faster as well as descend faster!

If the above glowing review of the latest road bikes is not enough to whet your whistle, if you recognise any of the below - you can easily justify, or even need to - replace your current road bike with a new, more fit for purpose version.

You have outgrown your bike

If you purchased your bike when you were younger, and smaller - it’s likely that you could have outgrown your bike. Similarly, if you purchased your bike second hand, or had the bike bought for you - it may be that the bike has never really fitted you properly, holding you back from the very best performance, and the most comfortable, enjoyable ride.

Although it’s possible to alter the size of a road bike with a few components, such as new wheels, tyres and seatposts - the costs of these components can quickly spiral, with a new bike being the most economical option.

You are struggling to find parts

As bikes get older, it’s common for replacement parts to become harder to find. Although there are some parts which remain available for years and even decades to come, it can be difficult finding the highest quality parts - which can lead you to replace worn out and broken superior components on your road bike, with inferior components.

It’s uneconomical to upgrade

Although it’s perhaps a little bit too dramatic to claim that new components on an old road bike, is throwing good money after bad - you will never recoup the money you invest in your road bike by adding new parts. If you purchased a top spec road bike five years ago for £3,000, investing £500 in components will not mean the bike is worth £3,500.

Your frame is damaged

Although there are a number of ways road bike parts can be battered and broken, there’s also a range of ways to fix and repair bikes without breaking the bike. There are however, a few areas on the bike which can be terminal if damaged, especially the frame of the bike. If you have damaged the frame, it’s likely a replacement road bike is the best route forward for you.

You are outperforming your bike

If you are racing competitively, either in a race against others - or simply a race against yourself - and you have not got the lightest, best possible bike, you are selling yourself short. There’s an incredible array of different road bikes available and if you are riding the wrong type of bike for you - every journey can be frustrating.

So if you are riding a racing bias road bike and want a more relaxing ride, buy a more relaxed style of road bike. Equally, if you are riding a comfort bias road bike, but want more pace, buy a speed biased road bike.

Road Bikes Online from Westbrook Cycles

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