When To Buy A New Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike enthusiasts will face the question of whether to buy a new mountain bike - throughout their mountain biking career. Usually balancing out the desire for increased performance, as well as wanting to keep up with the latest mountain bike technology - which changes at a rapid pace.

Whether or not you have an emotional attachment to your mountain bike is one of the biggest factors, and we deal with two different types of mountain bike customers. The first group are desperate to keep hold of their existing mountain bike, replacing components and parts wherever possible - with the second group, looking forward to replacing their mountain bike with something fresh.

The decision to replace a mountain bike is not always easy, but if you recognise any of the below factors - it’s likely that replacing your mountain bike is a sensible decision.

You have grown…

Growing in size is one of the most common reasons for replacing a mountain bike. It might be that you got your current mountain bike at an age when you were still growing, or you chose a bike which did not fit very well, as you bought it second hand or were given it as a present.

Although you can replace many parts across your mountain bike, which can help it become a better fit - there is no one single component which can increase the size of a bike to the point of it becoming a perfect fit, and the cost of numerous components can quickly spiral - making a new bike, the economical choice.

Parts are becoming rare…

Although there are a crazy number of upgraded and replacement components available, it is possible that bike component manufacturers no longer create the parts that you need.

Upgrading wheels and tyres can be difficult, as can be finding upgraded items such as dropper seatposts - which do not fit older types of bike.

You are out riding your bike…

If your style of mountain biking has changed, or your skill set has grown - you can easily outperform your mountain bike, making it redundant for your requirements. This can be a stark change, such as changing from a hardtail mountain bike, right across to buying a more specific version of the mountain bike you currently ride. An example of the same type of bike offering increased levels of performance, is a hardtail alloy mountain bike being replaced by a super lightweight carbon fibre hardtail.

Your Frame is Battered

Although there are many parts and components of a bike, which can be replaced easily if damaged - there are a few mountain bike injuries or damages which prove fatal - including a crack or damage to the frame of a bike.

It’s Uneconomical to Upgrade

Although upgrading parts on your current bike may seem like the thrifty, and economical way to do things - it’s not always the case. Upgraded components can easily add up to more than the price of a new, upgraded bike. If you bought a top quality bike ten years ago for £3,500 and plan on spending £500 on upgrades, it does not mean that your bike is worth £4,000.

Mountain Bikes Online from Westbrook Cycles

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