What To Wear Road Cycling in Winter

Just because the weather is turning cold, there’s no need to stop cycling during the autumn and winter months, or even in early spring. These months provide some of the very best and most stunning days to get cycling, and with the right equipment and clothing, winter cycling can be both comfortable and enjoyable (at least most of the time) As well as choosing to cycle over winter, many customers of ours who use their bikes to commute, have no choice about cycling in the winter months, as they need to get around - including to and from work. 

Winter Cycling Layering

Correctly layering cycling during winter is the secret to keeping comfortable during the colder months - although there are plenty of great single items to buy - none one item will provide all of the performance that you need. Layered clothing is able to deal with changes in weather conditions, as well as changes in levels of exertion and body heat/perspiration.

Winter Cycling Base Layer

The obvious starting point when looking at layers, is the first layer to touch your skin - the base layer. Base Layers are made from either synthetic or natural fibres, such as Merino Wool. They have been designed to specifically keep you comfortable, by wicking sweat away from your skin - keeping you warm and dry. There’s a massive range available, including long sleeve and short sleeve versions. Some of the most popular Base Layers we sell are designed and manufactured by Mons Royale

Winter Cycling Shorts

There’s an excellent array of seasonal cycling shorts available, including Bib Shorts - all of these have been designed to provide warmth and comfort during the winter months. Bib Tights are the most popular option for colder days, although on milder days - they may provide too much warmth. As with any kind of cycling shorts, proper padding is essential to keep you comfortable in the saddle. Cyclists wanting to avoid the full lycra look, can wear looser shorts over the top of bib tights and shorts for confidence. 

Winter Cycling Jerseys

Cycling Jerseys are suitable for all year round use - and these jerseys can be layered year round as part of your winter cycling set up. Although long sleeve jerseys are the best option for cold days. 

Winter Cycling Softshell Jackets

Soft Shell Jackets provide a great choice for road cyclists, they provide plenty of pockets, are windproof and are water resistant. These soft shell jackets can be high visibility and reflective, and at the top end of the range, softshell jackets are fully breathable. 

Winter Cycling Waterproof

Waterproofs are one of the most important winter cycling layers, and they are a layer which can provide a massive amount of discomfort if chosen poorly. One of the best ways to carry a waterproof layer with you when cycling is to choose a compact rain jacket which is fully breathable, meaning you can grab it and wear it if the weather changes. These jackets are often designed to sit low on your back protecting your back from road spray. Remember to choose high visibility options as these jackets will become your outer layer. 

Hands & Feet

If there’s one thing which is going to ruin a day's riding - it’s cold hands and feet. Full finger gloves are the perfect choice for winter cycling, instead of open finger mittens which are more suited to cooler days. Overshoes and oversocks are the ideal choice for your feet, keeping them both warm and dry. These overshoes are small enough to be carried on your person, meaning you only have to use them when you need to. 

Winter Cycling Caps

Road Bike Helmet manufacturers have gone to fantastic lengths to ensure that road bike helmets are both aerodynamic and well ventilated - which is great for summer and warm weather riding. In cold weather however, wearing road bike helmets can become a miserable experience, wearing a comfortable cycling cap underneath the helmet, provides all of the comfort and warmth required. 

Neckwarmer & Scarf

Neckwarmers, Snoods and scarves are multi purpose, and the ideal way to keep your neck warm during the colder months, they can also be used for so many different things - covering your face and even a headband if required. These snoods and scarves are often great for skiing and other sports as well. 

Winter Road Cycling Gear

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply everything required for a successful winter cycling season - keeping you warm, dry and on the road. You can view our full range of clothing and apparel across our site - and get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.