What To Wear Road Cycling In Summer

Summer is understandably the best time in the UK to head out on the road bike, long days and good weather make for some fantastic and comfortable days out - enjoying the very best of the British countryside and expansive road network. Below, we run through some of the things you should be thinking about wearing, or wearing when you are out cycling during the warmer weather months:

Base Layers

Although it’s a sunny day - you still need to think about wearing the right baselayer, which helps wick sweat away from your body, keeping you cool and dry in changeable conditions. The problem with regular t-shirts and clothing when cycling, is that they cannot wick the sweat that your body produces, meaning that if you are cycling up a long ascent and get to the top and stop in winds, you will very quickly get cold. During the summer months, short sleeve and vest cycling base layers work really well.

Padded Shorts

Whatever the weather, padded shorts are the right thing to wear on any journeys over just nipping to the shops. Bib Shorts are the best choice for the summer months, At Westbrook, we prefer Bib Shorts with shoulder straps as this eliminates what can be an uncomfortable waist band. Good quality bib shorts with padding are able to keep you comfortable and dry by wicking away excess moisture. 

Road Bike Jersey

Cycling Jerseys are a fantastic thing to wear when cycling, providing all of the comfort, style and utility that you need on a ride out. The best cycling jerseys have numerous pockets to carry essentials such as cash and keys - and are available in a massive array of styles. Jerseys should also be constructed from breathable fabric and worn over a base layer, again helping you keep comfortable during your full ride. 

Arm & Leg Warmers

The Summer months are no guarantee of warm weather, especially late on an evening or early morning when out riding. Arm and leg Warmers are the perfect way to protect your limbs from the cold, and can be easily and quickly removed when the sun makes an appearance. It’s not just road cyclists which use arm and leg warmers either, they are used by leisure and mountain bikers as well. 

Multi Use Scarves & Bandanas

Neck Warmers and Scarves are a fantastic bit of kit to wear all year round - with so many different ways they can be worn. During colder starts and evenings, they can be used as a scarf for extra comfort, and when the weather hots up - they can be used as everything from a sweatband to a helmet liner - preventing sweat from running into your eyes. 


Sunglasses are a must in sunny weather, and a good pair of sunglasses do much more than just make you look cool. They provide protection against all kinds of UV light and damage - protecting your eyesight, whilst allowing you to see exactly where you are riding. 

Summer Road Cycling Gloves

Although a full pair of gloves may be too warm for the summer months when cycling, lightweight summer gloves and mitts are available to protect your hands from impact, as well as from rubbing and discomfort from riding the bike

Sun Tan Lotion

Out on the bike - it’s easy to forget about how quickly you can burn in the hot sun. If you are spending any length of time on your bike, it’s recommended to wear a sports sunblock to protect your skin from damaging UV rays. Anywhere exposed to the sun should be well covered, protecting yourself against all of the well known health risks of exposure. 

Road Cycling Gear

Across our site, you can find a fantastic range of road bike accessories, clothing and apparel - all of which is available at the very best prices, and has been hand selected from the world’s leading cycling brands - allowing you to enjoy your perfect cycling getup.