What To Pack On A Mountain Bike Ride

Mountain Biking provides an unparalleled sense of freedom, allowing riders to journey off road to remote and far-flung locations that people just cannot reach or see, during their day to day lives. The ability to travel further and longer than anybody else does however come with some risks, and whilst on the whole mountain biking is a safe hobby and passion, there are some things which really come in handy on a mountain bike ride, ensuring you not only make it to your destination safely, but also in comfort.

This list of things to pack is by no means a definitive list, it is however the result of the mountain bikers in the office getting together and discussing some of the most important kit to take out with you.

First Aid Kit

If something goes wrong with you or a fellow rider, it’s really handy to have a first aid kit at hand. The contents of a first aid kit cover many of the basics, so cuts, grazes and bumps are well deal with - allowing you to keep any wounds clean, free of infection - as well as reduce the amount of bleeding.

All of our first aid kits have been designed to be carried when out biking, and include all of the most important items you may need. The EVOC First Aid Kit (Lite) is a great choice and does not take up too much room in a rucksack or attached to the bike.

Multi Tool

A Multi Tool is a really handy piece of kit to have out and about with you when mountain biking. Specialist mountain biking multi tools feature everything you need for on the go repairs, from screwdriver heads to allen keys. The Crank Brothers Multi 19 tool is one of the best in our opinion.

Puncture Repair Kit

For obvious reasons... The Dynaplug Air Tubeless MTB tyre repair and inflation kit, takes some beating.


It’s always good to keep lights fitted to your mountain bike in our experience, especially during the winter months, when the nights can soon come in dark. LED mountain bike lights can easily cope up with the demands of driving, illuminating the path ahead should it be required. 

The Knog PWR Front light is one of the best.


The humble mobile phone is an important way to get in touch with friends, family as well as emergency services. Check the area for phone signal before travelling however.

You can view the full range of mountain biking accessories across our site, and as ever - if you have any questions about the right kit to carry with you, one of our team members will always be happy to advise.